Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bright Ideas Press

Bright Ideas Press
Christian Kids Explore Physics!
Grades 4-8
Price: $39.95...Includes Student Textbook and Resource CD
"The universe that we live in is the result of God’s thoughtful design and careful building. Physics gives us a glimpse into the materials, laws, and structures of that universe. Behold the wonders of creation with this series of 30 easy-to-understand lessons for grades 4-8. Each lesson helps develop an understanding of matter and energy and the rules they follow. Exploring physics is an exciting adventure!"

The website calls this Everyone's Favorite Science Curriculum...and from the looks of it, the Mediator would agree...I had to regularly tell him to STOP doing science so he could get other work done. So let me tell you how it works.

We received a PDF copy (this is not available for purchase at this time) of the Christian Kids Explore Physics - NEW 2nd Edition student text as well as a link to the Resource CD (The CD includes Daily Lesson Plans, Materials Lists, Bonus Literature Study Guide, and All Reproducibles, such as coloring pages, unit reviews, follow-up questions for each lesson, and activity charts). There are 30 lessons divided over 6 units (Counting the unit Wrap Up Lessons, there will be a total of 36 lessons). The resource CD has a sample lesson plan and we LOOSELY followed that. They suggest 2 days a week for each lesson (36 weeks to complete the book). I printed off a portion of the text book and put those pages in a binder. From there The Mediator just took off. Each lesson is broken down into a Teaching Time and a Hands-On Time. The lesson plan outlines the steps students complete each day...so on Day one of lesson 5, my boy is supposed to complete these steps:
"Memory Work: Review Flashcards and Vocabulary. Add Genesis 1:31a.
Review Last Lesson
Reading: Read Teaching Time on pp. 53-55
Discussion: Discuss new material
Review It: Answer the 5 review questions on pg. 56 (it also notes that you can find the answers on pg. 374 of appendix B)
Vocabulary: Create flashcards or notebook pgs. with the definitions of these words
* nucleus
* extranuclear region
* proton
* neutron
* electron
* electrical charge
All vocabulary definitions can be found in the Teaching Time margins and in the Glossary on pp. 333-339.
Supplemental Reading: You are encouraged to take full advantage of the Resource List in Appendix A on p. 357. Also be sure to search your bookshelves and your local library for relevant titles."
Hands-On Time includes activities that reinforce the theme of the lesson...activities include: building an atomic model, determining volume of a solid, testing Charle's Gas Law, evaluating the freezing point of salt water, testing gravity, etc.

Here are a couple of sample lessons, so you can see for yourself what they look like
Lesson 18
Lesson 19

My final thoughts...The Mediator was DEFINITELY at the top of the age range for this and it may have been too easy for him, but he was enjoying it and learning...and so I am not bothered by that and am considering buying other titles in this series. The Mediator worked much more quickly through the material than suggested, so I think I will do either 3 or 4 days a week going forward and then spend the other days of the week reading some of the resources from the appendix in the lesson plan. We did not get a chance to do that in our review time, but I like the idea. The price is fair for everything you get and I look forward to adding this to our line-up of curriculum for next year. I loved how this book is from a Biblical Worldview and supports what we believe and teach. I love how this is woven into the text as a matter of fact without being preachy or forced into the flow of the material. While this next point is very minor, there were detailed coloring pages inserted into the text along the way and I loved the look of them...I thought they were very age appropriate...not overly simplistic and useless filler. Since he is almost done with the pages I printed, it is time to go and print off the rest!

Other titles are available too...you can find them at Bright Ideas Press.

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Disclaimer: I received this item for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation. All the opinions expressed are my own.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Ah, very nice write-up! This was only our 2nd TOS review, but we're really enjoying trying out new curriculum!

The Zookeeper said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've really been thinking of getting this for my kiddos so great post!! XOXO

Jen said...

We reviewed "Earth & Space". We are thinking about purchasing the Physics for next year. Looks like fun.