Thursday, April 28, 2011

TOS Review: Curiosity Files

Have you ever been curious about something? The Curiosity Files are here to help. We are sleuthing out a mystery with Professor Ana Lyze…she is an expert in outlandish oddities and has uncovered a marvel for us to consider. One of the most confusing animals in all of creation…WHAT exactly IS IT? Is it a mammal, a bird, a reptile? The platypus is a creature unique in the animal kingdom, yet made by the Creator of all for a purpose. In this unit study, you will discover some amazing things about the platypus such as:

The Joke’s on you- discover the extreme measures taken to prove this animal was a collection of dead animals pieced together to get a laugh.
It Couldn’t be-Discover what a platypus is.
Electro-what?- What is it and how does a platypus use it
These Feet were made for-much more than walking
Rock a bye Baby- how does the platypus nurse their babies?

This 87 page unit study is JAM PACKED with all kinds of information and activities for children ages 8-13 to do. Now that they know something about the platypus, they can put that knowledge to work completing activities such as:

Bible Study Questions
Math games
Spelling and vocabulary sheets
Penmanship pages (printing and cursive)
Science experiments and project ideas
Craft projects and coloring pages
Fun recipes encourage excitement in learning
Lots of links to dig even deeper

. I received this e-book at a time when we were just so busy…no time for school...Children going to this and that...a birthday, dr. know, the things that interfere with schoolwork in a traditional sense causing a feeling of guilt to try to come rising up - Enter: The Curiosity Files. Even though we were on the run, we were still able to learn thanks to this little gem by The Old Schoolhouse. These unit studies are really all inclusive and because they are about interesting topics that you don't ordinarily get to delve into in the regular course of most curriculum, we were all drawn to it to find out just a little more or to complete just one more activity. While the product says it is geared toward children ages 8-13, I found all of my children had a good time with parts of this unit study and we all learned something new. That said, I did focus on my 9 year old Principessa to review this product. I printed off the entire e-book, because I LOVE the feel of a book in the hands. You could read the information on the computer and just print off the activity sheets you want to use, saving on ink and paper.

I really LOVED this item. It was wonderfully written to hold interest, but not too difficult for young children to understand. One of my favorite parts of the book was the "In the Beginning" part that brings the science back to the Word of God, showing that God's Word is relevant in the science fields...not just telling the student the way it is, but allowing children to come to that conclusion on their own.

Due to the fact that I was very sort on time, we have not done any of the really cool messy projects yet, but look forward to that when life slows down a little (Does anyone KNOW when life really does slow down?)and I am sure that that will cement the information learned about this amazing creation of our AWESOME God!

I think this is a great item to use during the summer or if a child expresses an interest in one of the topics. It would be wonderful to use it if you finished a subject sooner than anticipated or found you needed something to fill the gap while waiting for books to arrive. It would be WONDERFUL for an unschooling approach as well as an in depth look in a more structured home. You can fit it in or build your whole school day on just this.

Available in 11 individual titles at the regular price of $6.95 each (many are just $1.00) or in a bundle

oh...and just a word to the wise...if you do print off all the pages...hole punch them and put them into a binder or folder right away. If you don't, you might find some of your pages have walked off...

I received this item free for review purposes...I have not received any compensation for my opinion.