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God's Great Covenant New Testament 1

Classical Academic Press
God's Great Covenant
New Testament 1
Grade: 4-up
Price: $56.95 for the set, See below for individual pricing

"In God’s Great Covenant, New Testament 1: A Bible Course for Children, students will follow the story of Jesus, the Messiah and King, as He is born and fulfills all God’s promises. But Jesus does not arrive as people expected. The people were looking for a mighty warrior to deliver them from the oppressive Roman government. Instead, He came as the suffering Savior, who would die as the sacrifice for sin and death. He was building a kingdom that was not of this world—it was the kingdom of God. He is the Son of Man, God’s Servant, the Messiah, and the Son of God. Each of the four units in this text emphasizes one of these names of Jesus."

God's Great Covenant, New Testament 1 is a Bible Curriculum divided into 4 themes (Jesus, the Son of Man, Has Come...To Live Among His People; Jesus, God's Servant, Has Come...To Proclaim the Good News; Jesus, the Messiah, Has Come...To Teach About God's Kingdom; and Jesus, the Son of God, Has Come...To Conquer Sin and Death.)over 36 weeks. Each Lesson should take about a week, although there is no SET schedule. In the Student Textbook, each lesson has a Memory Page (teaches the theme, Scripture, Memory Passage, Key Facts and Prophecy Fulfilled), Story Time (takes the Scripture passages and presents it in story form), and Review Worksheets.
At the end of each unit, there is a review section of worksheets, a review of memory work along with comprehension questions to make sure your child understands what they are memorizing, a Devotional Guide and Simon's World Story (Simon is a fictitious character who lives in the area near where Jesus would have lived and helps children get a better picture of what life would have been like in those days). The Student Textbook is $22.95

The Teacher's Guide is like a little walking encyclopedia, expanding much more on the information your child is getting. It also has a full copy of the student text (in a smaller version). The Teacher's Edition is $29.95

Student Text
Teacher's Edition

One last item we received was a download for audio of the Story Time portions read by Christopher Perrin. I liked the sound of his voice and I love the option of listening to this audio instead of reading it out loud myself. The audio is $9.95.
Sample audio

My thoughts:

I LOVE the look of these books. The maps are eyecatching and large enough to see everything on them. The Teacher's Edition is FULL of notes and information that is interesting. The story like narration makes the word come alive and Simon is a nice way for a child to get perspective. I really enjoyed the teaching of the curriculum and the way it was organized.

I personally felt that the worksheets were too hard for my 4th grade child and because the book looked more like it was for younger students, I did not use it much with my older ones (8th and 11th grades). The work my older ones did, while not overly challenging for them, was fine. My daughter had a lot of difficulty in remembering the specific details of what language was the common language of the Jews at that time and it took some re-reading of the story passages for her to be able to finish the worksheets. I think this made the work frustrating for her. I do not teach my children in the Classical style, so it could be that this would be very easy for a 4th grade student in that teaching method to complete, but I am thinking it would be a better fit for 6th grade and up. The books look like they are geared for younger students because of the look of the maps, the large font and the almost cartoon look of the artwork throughout the pages. I think many older students would think that it was much beneath them.

By the time we got to the Unit Review, my daughter was very overwhelmed with all of the pages of work to do...we spread it over the entire week, but all of the blanks and work was too much for her at this point. I think we will set it up for a year or two and see if it goes better.

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Disclaimer: I received this item for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation. All the opinions expressed are my own.

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Kelly said...

We LOVED this curriculum too! I think that for my almost 4th grader it was too hard for her to do all the writing too and that's why we did the questions orally.