Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fuzzi Bunz part 2

Well, almost two weeks ago, I posted about these....they are now all gone!!!! No more basket full of them always in the way....I am doin' a little happy dance!


Stop the Planet, I want to get off!

Well, it has been a BUSY couple of weeks...Starting with the homeschool convention, which was FABULOUS!!! Homeschool Conventions are like an energy boost to get you to keep on keepin' on....this conference was SO life changing as well!
Then it was David's Birthday...my BABY turned TWO!!! (He got his Daddy's Dimples...I LOVE IT!)

Then it was back to school work and our weekday schedules....

Wednesday is usually my busy day...we go to the chiropractor, then I work at church and then during most of the school year, it is AWANA...well AWANA is over now...so we just have the two...I had planned to have a busy day nonetheless...So off to the chiropractor we go...I am about 3/4 of the way there and notice...I don't have my purse...no license, no money, no debit card...so there went shopping and coffee...so I am thinking about how I am going to structure my day....so I'll go straight to the church after the chiropractor...then I notice....I don't have my work....so we went to the chiropractor...and WENT HOME...I called the pastor and said...I am having a crazy day, so I think I will be in on Friday....thankfully, as long as the bulletin is ready on Sunday morning, they are VERY flexible with me.

On Friday, I had an AWANA girls overnight at our church...we brought some scrapbooking materials for the girls to work with and had a great time together...well, except for the 3:30 am bit...I kept saying....girls...Mrs. C. gets cranky when she doesn't get any sleep....I kept on razzing them about it, but they FINALLY fell asleep...one gal fell asleep in a chair holding a football...it was SO cute...I wish I had my camera! In the morning, we had breakfast...well, I should say THEY had Super Sweety Sugar Bombs...I am so not ready for that in the morning...especially when I haven't had enough SLEEP!

Got home at about 11:30 am...and tried to participate in an online crop...I really didn't get much done until after my husband and one of my children left for the Mariner's game....get this (MAJOR RABBIT TRAIL HERE)it took them OVER TWO HOURS TO GET THERE...they missed half of the game...I guess traffic was a nightmare and there were two major events down there, no parking... but that is just crazy...I mean, we are not LA or NY....

I got six LO's done this weekend for the crop...I took some picts of the children on Saturday and I love how some of them turned out...my favorite was a series I took of my daughter...

These were taken over a period of about 2 minutes...really shows her emotions...my favorite out of the group though, was...

THIS ONE...Beautiful!

We had church and a family party this weekend for David...Grandma, Uncle Dale, Aunt Christina and Cousin Danny came over...we made lasagne, salad and had garlic bread...it was a good time...after we were cleaned up, I stayed up and finished three lo's...the crop was a blast...Kristen (owner) and the design team came up with a great theme and FABULOUS CHALLENGES! I loved them...I am going to try to do the ones I didn't have time for...they were all SO great.

I got some picts of the older boys too, but that is another story for a different day.

Well, today is Tuesday and I better get going...we need to get alot done today and I am craving some coffee!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

3rd Annual Christian Heritage Conference, day 1

Well, the first day of this conference is over now and I was not disappointed. This was fabulous and may take a few days to process, but I wanted to write about it while it was fresh in my mind. First of all, this is a homeschool conference with an emphasis on family discipleship. Doug Phillips, founder of Vision Forum Ministries is the key note speaker and if that was all there was, it would be well worth the price of the conference. He has been speaking on a couple of themes, but with an emphasis on having a multi generational mindset, rather than just trying to get through today. It was exciting as he shared experiences from his family of this walk along, talk along mentorship that is so vital throughout the homeschooling process. It's not just talking at your children, but talking to them, sharing with them the reasons for this or that...why we homeschool, why we have the convctions we have...Fathers, taking their sons and /or daughters with them to work, having special alone time with them and such. (It was sweet as he shared an incident in which a girl was talking to him about having mulit-generational toys...dolls she could pass onto her children or grandchildren...very sweet) At another session, he shared Victories...moments large and small which define our lives...Some of his points were: the nobility of the commonplace- putting a high value on the duties of life, Preciousness of child-like faith, the humor of family idiosyncrases-is it obvious that members of your family are____________ (fill in your last name here), is there a defining attribute that all of your family has..., The Blessing of the Family Table-mealtime is a special way to cement our bonds as families and talk, learn, grow, teach..., Enthusiasm of the Cowboy years...I loved this story...He spoke about how one of his sons reports for duty dressed like a soldier every morning and Daddy gives him special tasks that only he can do and wraps it up in an exciting story so he can conquer...the particular example he gave was that bears had got into the girls' room and spread garbage around. Could he go and clean it up. What a great way to cherish the boyhood enthusiasm. There were many other points made, but I will have to process and claim it as my own before I can articulate on it.
In between the keynote sessions, there were many different seminars you could choose to go to...One talked about the possiblity of peaceful and productive days happening as the NORM rather than frenzied, fruitless, frustrating days, IF we choose to put first things first...I know I was SUPER convicted in this seminar...It is unbelievable how much time I waste and look at as a right rather than a waste...how if I practice choosing the better, more valuable things...the putting first things first...We can have so much more in our lives...Some of her other points were: No is absolutely necessary, head for the heart and trust the Lord. This was a great workshop.
Then I heard Jessica Erber-she is such a beautiful and sweet girl...her workshop was encouraging daughters to be purposeful in their support of the family rather than just existing until they got on to real life when married.
The third workshop was Maggie Erber (Jessica's Mom) who spoke on homeschooling a houseful...her main points were to be at peace with your situation, work out a routine and post it, Make a big deal out of work well done and firmly and quietly correct bad attitudes and disobedience. In her family, they have quiet time...EVERYONE, EVERYDAY...she said that the older children need to get comfortable with silence, but they also need time to think, read, listen for God's voice...while Mom needs to rest and recoup...rejuvinate, have peace and quiet...
Another interesting thing she said was that they have one bedtime for all...this again gives the older ones time to read or something, but gives Mom and Dad time to relate as Husband and Wife. Then she said, sometimes you just need a day to get back on track...stay in pj's day, go to the park, deal with a particular issue, spring cleaning, sick child...it's okay if you need to do that.
Well, I am going to hop in the shower now and get ready for day two...wish you all could be here too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fuzzi Bunz and Hope

This is not some sort of a terrible disease, these are diapers and I have ALOT of them. I posted them on Craigslist to see if I could re-sell them. The first time I posted them....nothing...nadda...zip
So they have sat around in a laundry basket making me crazy EVERY time I turn around.
So, FINALLY, I have re-posted...this morning...and I have already had two inquiries on them...amazing....I cannot tell you HOW grateful I am going to be to see these diapers go to a good home...and if you know anyone who needs some diapers, I have quite a few!

Well, in about an hour, my family will officially join the ranks of dog-sitters. We will be watching my Mother-in-law's little puppy, Hope (no, we do not consider her a dog-in-law...I only go SO far...) I am a little nervous for one reason....poo...I cannot stand poo of any kind, but dog poo is one of the worst kinds...If we can "train" (well as much as you can a puppy who will be with you for only four days...you know I could get this dog all turned around and then she goes back to her human....) [I really hope you all can see the humor in this...I am being very tongue in cheek...] her to go in one area so at least we don't step in it with our BARE FEET....
Anyway, Hope is a sweet little puppy (even if we do not want a corgi) and I am actually looking forward to it....except for the poo...I am hoping that it will inspire us to get our own dog...I have wanted a dog for a long time, but it is never the right time, so we have been 16 years and dogless in Seattle...The children do NEED a dog, you know.
Wish us luck!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday, Still

Well, it is now almost bedtime...a wonderful time of day...but I was thinking about our lunch today...I mentioned earlier that I bought some ready made pizza dough at the store and we were going to make mini pizzas...each child could make theirs the way they wanted it (well relatively...based on what ingrediants we have...)...well, let me tell you, I was MOM of the DAY!!! The children had a blast....my kitchen was TRASHED, but it was a relatively SIMPLE MEAL...makes me wonder what things I say no to, that maybe should be a yes...painting, other art projects, baking or cooking together...going to or having friends over...and on and on the list could go if I had the brains to remember it all...
I have been reading the book I mentioned by Diana Waring and she mentioned this idea in her book...BLessing your Children...in her book, she mentioned an incident involving her daughter and a dog...I was thinking of how many times we have promised the children we will get a dog when....(you can fill in the blank with your favorite reply, but some of our reasons are...when it is spring, when we get the grass planted, when we find the type of dog we want, etc....)Really, what is the big deal...we should be looking for ways to bless our children and to say YES...rather than NO all the time.
On Sunday after Church, I got to take my oldest out for a few hours...he always asks if he can go with me when I have to run to the store and I usually have a reason why I need him at home, so I planned this little outing...
WE went to a couple of thrift stores (he found nothing, I found a few things), then I needed to go to the craft store...then he asked to go to Game crazy (they didn't have anything) and to Radio Shack (BINGO) He found a light sabre that he thought was cool and he had JUST ENOUGH money to buy it...We didn't really do all that much, but it was fun to treat him to an outing JUST WITH MOM...an opportunity to bless him and his interests (well except for the craft store...I needed that for myself).
So now to find a way to bless the others! Let me know what you do to...I may need a good idea or ten!

Hurry up and Wait

Well, today was supposed to be Mr. David's surgery date...but, Thanks to the wonderful institution of Church Nursery...he is sick...again! This happened in March for his first surgery date and it just happened again...so guess when we get to go in for surgery again??? May? Nope...June??? Nope....JULY 1st....Yep...
Actually with the exception of all of this up and down of emotionally getting ready to get your 2 year old to the hospital for a surgery, it is MUCH better timing for me...No co-op, no sports, lighter schedule...
So we will hurry up ...and Wait!

Do any of you struggle with your typing when you are emailing or blogging? I know that I do....THe worst offender is when you CApitalize things and you hold that CAps LOck button down just a little toooooo long that the next letter gets capitalized too...my favorite is "WE"....makes it look like I am saying that WE do it much better or WE get to do that...I always correct it, but it makes me nuts!!!! So if I happen to miss one when I am typing to you, please know that it is because I am a dork and not stuck up or anything!~

April 25-27...Mad Hatter's Tea Party online Crop at Serendity Scrapbooks...this is always fun with special challenges, blue light specials in the store, and fun chatting on the forum...jump on in and join us there...I will be hoping to get several pages completed in my albums...so FAR behind...may even invite a few girlfriends over too! VIsit www.serendipityscrapbooks.com for all of the details.

I have been squeezing in little snippets of time to work on a layout here and there...may take me 8-10 trips to my craft area to actually finish a layout, but more is getting done than before...I have completed 7 pages this month so far and feel good about that. With my priorities first to my husband and then to my children, I don't have a lot of time to "give to myself", so five and ten minutes a few times a day is getting things done.

I have been reading a book out loud to my children that we have really enjoyed...It is called Grandpa's Box...it takes the accounts of the Bible and connects them together in the context of a battle...it has taken us FOREVER to read it as it will be several days on and then a week or two off...but we are all enjoying it...another really good book to read aloud is Ten P's in a Pod...this is a great book...I read it myself...we will read that one aloud next...
I personally am reading a book (I've stopped reading my mindless garbage for now and gone back to reading something substantive) by Diana WAring called "Reaping the Harvest". THis book is SO good...it is focused on the parent/teen relationship but has truths for all along the way...Diana is one of my heros in the homeschool field...I use her history curriculum and if I can hear her at a conference, I am all over it...she has an incredible enthusiam and way of bringing History Alive and just fun life experiences to go with it all...so much wisdom packed into one person...This book, while it comes from her background of homeschooling is good for anyone to read....my only question is...WHY ON EARTH did I not pick up this book sooner? I think I have seen it at my library before...another of her books, "Beyond Survival" is on my list to read next (I know this has a longer title, but I am too lazy to get up and grab it for the whole thing right now...) I bought these books EONS ago, but they have been SITTING ON THE SHELF...
WEll, I think that is about it for right now...Need to get lunch made...I bought some pizza dough at Winco yesterday and I am going to let the children make their own little mini pizzas for lunch...thanks SUe for the idea!
Have a nice lunch and Happy Tuesday!