Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy, Busy Days

So, I have been a bad blogger, but time just goes by so fast. I thought I would update everyone on what all I have done recently...
Canning- well, not much got done in this category...I will try again next year with our garden, but start MUCH earlier. Our bumper crops...Carrots and GREEN TOMATOES...we are actually going to pick ALL of the tomatoes today and see if we have enough to can anything when they ripen.
Crafting: Well, I haven't done too much here...we already have 2 Christmas Projects done, and three in the some point of being done. Having some trouble with one, need an item for another and we had supplier issues for the third. I will try to post pictures when Christmas is over...I don't know if my family reads this or not, but I'd rather not take chances.
Sewing: While technically a crafting item, I have a few sewing projects I need to work on...Grace and I need to finish 2 skirts, I would like to make aprons for us...I am such a sloppy person in the kitchen... and I still have a quiet book in the works...
Cooking: Menu planning fell by the wayside this month when my hubby said, "I would like __________________ for dinner tonight." So, now I am trying to get back on the plan...I LOVE menu planning, because when I have a plan, dinner is much easier...when I fail to plan...I plan to fail...I found a recipe for Pork and Mushroom stew that was served over apple mashed potatoes that looks SO incredible. I hope to try it soon and report on that. A friend gave me a recipe for gingerbread scones that I hope to try soon. Today, nothing says fall like gingerbread scones...I hope they taste as good as they sound. I am also hoping to try my hand at making buttermilk bisuits again...either I have not made these correctly OR I do not have a good recipe yet, but I LOVE biscuits and am going to try a new recipe soon. I have learned a couple things about biscuit making that I did not know before...I did not know there was an ART to making biscuits. On a similar note, I have told many people that I cannot make banana bread...I think I know what my trouble is and I also think I have confirmed it...GLASS PANS...I use Glass pans to make it in...and I think it bakes better in metal pans. It is ALWAYS either overcooked or undercooked...NO MATTER WHAT I I am on the lookout for 2 or 3 metal pans at a REALLY GOOD PRICE!
I went to a baby shower at church yesterday...there is NOTHING more beautiful that a pregnant woman...(well, unless it's me...I do not feel beautiful when I am pregnant)...she was blessed with a wonderful devotion, gifts, gift cards and sweet friends. A friend of mine made her this quilt...they are so adorable...she has made these quilts for most of the babies in the church (some of whom are in their mid-twenties now!) and I almost cried when she held it up...these quilts truly are special...a beautiful tradition in our church...
We have had a couple of deaths too in our church family...always sad on our was a founding father almost of our church...a pillar for sure, the other was a new little lamb and so sad. We are trying to come alongside and support these families right now.
Our family has just started attending Bible Study Fellowship...we are studying Isaiah this year. I am so excited that all of us are in this study. I love BSF and I am so happy to be back...when I last went, my oldest was it's been awhile. I am already learning so much about this book, about myself, about history and about God...and we are only on lesson 2.
Well, I keep hearing some harsh words...time to redirect everyone.
Love you!