Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chris Klicka

Chris was a lawyer with HSLDA who lived a life devoted to Jesus Christ, devoted to his family and devoted to homeschooling and homeschoolers...I will never forget his description of a person suffering the anguish in hell...for eternity...and his anguish over that as well as his passion for sharing the gospel. What an amazing and gracious, humble and tenacious man...He will be sorely missed in this place...
Now, I would like to encourage all of those touched by his life to reach out to his he has blessed us, let us bless them...Please remember them even beyond the next few weeks...
The Klicka Family
6779 Riley Rd.
Warrenton, VA 20187

This is a link to a tribute to Chris at the HSLDA Leader's is in three parts...
For some reason, I cannot put the video you can watch all three parts here:

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