Friday, September 25, 2009

The Clutter that Stole my house

Many of you know, I am a clutter bug...I have been trying and trying to keep it under control, but when there is too much stuff...there is NO I have been frantically far, it has been relatively easy...things I am tired of shuffling from here to there...clothes that don't fit and puzzles missing pieces or that we have never used...that kind of thing...but I know I need to go deeper...It is amazing to have about 7 boxes and 2 large bags go out of the house, but while you can doesn't really even scratch the surface.
But today...I have someone coming to help...she is really a dear and precious girl...but I have heard she is RUTHLESS...Now, while I say that in all fun...I know I need to be ruthless too...I am tired of the chaos that a bunch of clutter causes. So, the rule of the day is a place for eveything, and everything in its may want to pray for me!
I will see if there is anything picture worthy to post later....


A House FULL of Grace said...

Hope your day with Kathryn was successful. I am a decluttering freak too!! Having too much stuff around the house makes me a cranky wife and mama. And living with 'less' can be good stewardship!!

Over the years I can think of maybe three significant things I've gotten rid of that I've regretted later. And each of those things God has replaced at just the right time!!

Praying for wisdom as you par down. Can't wait to hear what D thinks!! :o)

Jennifer said...

I love decluttering too, someone else's stuff that is! I hope your house looks great and you feel good about it. Do post pictures!