Friday, September 18, 2009

Grocery Challenge

Well, It is challenge time again...the day of reckoning, so to speak...and I have just completely lost track...and here is why...the wonderful man I am married to can do two things that are related to, he does most of our shopping, which allows me to stay home and do the things I need to do...LIKE CLEAN (always a challenge with a houseful...and a Momma who would rather be sitting on the floor doing a puzzle with the 3 year old), and homeschool, and love on our blessings...and second...this man can COOK...and I don't mean like top ramen, or mac and cheese type "box" cooking...I mean, he can REALLY cook...last week he made Chili Verde...I am REALLY hoping that he will make Pork Carnitas on Sunday...those are my ABSOLUTE favorites...he is also wonderful with grilling...burgers, steaks, I have lost track where we are. What I appreciate about this challenge that it is challenging me to be more creative, think more in advance, use what we have, even if it is not our preference for that meal. It's helping me to look ahead for maybe what I will need for holiday gather staples now when there is a little more money in the budget rather than when everything is busier and money is stretched far too thin...use seasonal things that are cheaper and fresher and to REALLY watch the specials.
So, even though I have lost track of where I am, I have been reminded of some valuable lessons and I am so thankful for this challenge...and I tell you soon as I can, I am going to get Mary's book...Family Feasts for $75 a week...



Jennifer said...

Never heard of this book but it sounds so wonderful! It's now on my Paperback Swap wish list. Thanks for mentioning it.

Joanie said...

Carrie ~

Read through the first page of your blog... Great to reconnect with you again(more so here than fb).

Thank you for the amazing comment you left on my blog today. A precious gift to my heart... I was filled to overflowing knowing that in my journey another was so blessed! Thank you. May our precious Lord continue to give you victory in every area of your life. He is good!

I'll be back to visit often! I miss chatting with you in the driveway. :)