Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Tales of Cherries

Well, I have been canning cherries and I have Two Tales to tell...

First, After 20 Years, you would think you would know a person...but sadly, I find that that is not true...Dana and I have known each other for almost 20 years...we have been married for almost 18...and yet, I am still discovering new things. I have had a few friends who are canning cherries. The more I talked to them, the more I thought about canning cherries. But I have never had them and was not sure. So, I was talking to my MIL and my husband and come to find out that my husband LOVES them...NOT ONE MEMBER of the Cannon Family has EVER mentioned canned cherries in the 20 years that I have known them...I guess they all forgot about them. SO I am glad that I can bless my husband in this manner AND introduce my family to them as well.

Second, God of the great and God of Cherries

So, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was talking about this fruit list she has and was telling me that she had 2.5 cases of cherries left, would I be interested...but she would need to see if anyone ordered through email, before she could confirm that I could have any. So, the price was $16 for 26 pounds...AND they were Van Dyke Cherries, which I was thinking was the type we got on vacation a couple of years ago that were delicious, so I was hoping that I could get some more.
When I got home, I found out that they were I was looking for another source. Then my friend emailed and said she could get me one after all...Then I found another source...the price was not as good...but I ordered two. By the end of that week, I found out that had fallen through. So I talked with my friend and said...if there happened to be any more...I would love more...but I thought that was a HUGE long shot. Then I found out that Fred Meyer had them for 99 cents a pound and I went to get some...they were out of all of this long boring story is to say that I got two more boxes of cherries from my friend at the cheapest price around. God guided me to this by having the others be unavailable and I so appreciate his watch care over our family. He is God of all...even the as we eat our cherries, I have a memorial stone of His provision and will be able to praise Him for them.

I will post some pictures when I can find the cord...I think one of my children may have borrowed it....


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Dawn said...

God is so good.