Friday, July 3, 2009

Easy Bake Days

I am not sure what it is about Easy Bake Ovens that draws little girls to them like a moth to a flame, but yesterday, I had the opportunity to get it out for The Principessa while the boys washed the car and D.D. did this:

The Principessa made a chocolate chip cookie and some pinwheel cookies...she ate the chocolate chip cookie and offered the pinwheels to her brothers...the only taker she had was D.D....can you blame them?
I think I want to get her this:
They had a set at one time that I had ordered for her, but they were out of stock...I think all of their mini cookware can really be cooked in and baked with...I will need to double check that though...
Maybe today we will make REAL Cookies!


Lynn said...

Carrie, my daughter was drawn to the easy bake oven too! And I was too, come to think of it. :) I guess that's something that'll never change.


Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing. Your dd sure looks like you, especially in that first picture.