Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great Idea

I got a great idea for a dollhouse from The Homemade Dollhouse...if I were techy and computer savvy, I could write HERE and you could click it and go to the site, but you will have to do it the old fashioned way...scroll down and click on the link from my blog list...so, anyway...her story is there and inspired me to do it for my daughter...I was going to save it for her birthday, but I think we will do it for Christmas now. I told a friend about it and she has been on the lookout when she goes to garage sales...she has found us some treasures...she gave me a bag and a box last night...the bag had all sorts of little boxes in it and I think we will use it to make furniture, etc...then she gave me a box full of little treaures. I did not get a chance to look carefully at these yet, because the Principessa does not know about all of that yet.
But, we were talking on the way home last night and got a great idea to make dollhouse rooms out of shoeboxes and then we could attach them to those trifold presentation boards and create a home...Principessa was chattering the whole way home about all of the things she could do. So, I think she wants to start with a baby's room and I will see if I have time to get a few shoeboxes and maybe she can start today. I am very excited to see what she will create and I am very excited to see that she is so excited.

Lynn also has another great blog over at A Mother's Journal...and I encourage you all to check them out...BUT, you will have to scroll down and click on the link...because HERE doesn't work!!! :-)


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