Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Day of Co-op

Well, today was the last day of our homeschool co-op...and I must say, I am glad...I love co-op, but toward the end, I am SO ready to be done...
This term, I taught one class...We the was an overview government class that mostly covered The Constitution. I learned SO much and I hope the kids did too...there were 13 kids in that the fall term, I will teach an election class...not so much teach as facilitate...these kids are going to have an actual election to see who will be President of Co-op. I am hoping to include campaigning, fundraising, debates, advestising, somehow have an electoral college and then a victory party after the work is done...we'll see how it turns out..
Anyway, that was the only class I taught this term...I helped in one class called K-3 Potpourri...this was the BEST class...the class had the same name for two periods, but the class that I helped in did FUN stuff...we made film canister rockets, cards, bookmarks, bee may day baskets, talked about leap year and a solar eclipse, played games, did puzzles..then the kicker was the Mother's Day project...they made beaded these are NOT the macaroni or pony bead type things that you really DO NOT WANT TO WEAR and try to shove into a drawer a month later...these were BEAUTIFUL!~ I was so impressed with the projects this teacher came up with...I think we are going to plan to work together again in the fall and do a Christmas gifts class...different things they can make for Christmas Gifts.
The last class I was in (all parents must help or teach in some way each period) was a High School writing class...that was a lot of the topic was Boys vs. girls and I must say, the boys were not happy with the direction of the was a lot of laughs though...
On a sad note, one family will be moving to Japan for about a year...her husband has been over there working for months and his job needs him there longer, so off they go...we are looking forward to when they come back, but it is still sad to say goodbye for a time...I am now VERY thankful for email!
We still have our school work though...HOPEFULLY, we can get on track with our daily work now that we do not have to worry about what is needed each week for co-op...we'll see...
Well, as it feels like about 85 degrees inside this house, I am feeling VERY lethargic...I am thankful that my honey is cooking will be a late dinner, but no complaining here!

How's your day going?

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