Friday, May 16, 2008

Wedding Album, Once Again

Well, this is the wedding that never seems to end... to refresh you all, my niece got married in November...for Christmas, I made her, her father and her uncle albums. For Mother's Day, I made my MIL an album...then on Monday, I just found out my MIL and niece were going to see my as I am talking to my MIL, I am formulating this plan in my mind to finish my SIL album, so she can have it this weekend. Then I find out (Remember, this was MONDAY), that they are leaving on Wednesday afternoon...less than two days to get this done...well, I put everything aside and worked on this for the two days...when my niece stopped by on Wednesday to pick it up...I WAS TWO PAGES SHORT...oh the I sent the album off...and the two pages are still on my table...I just cannot face it yet...the stinker is that I really like some of the pages I made for her album...I told my niece...Man, I should have made your album know what that means....Mine will be the best (Oh, I can't believe I am even thinking about ONE MORE ALBUM...)Well, after I get a break from seeing the same pictures six times over, I will be able to tackle this project...again....

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