Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We The People

Homeschooling has been such a journey of discovery for ME, the teacher...I have learned SO many things that I had never learned before. As I delve into these topics, I keep coming back to the thought...I can't believe I never learned this before.
As I am preparing for an overview government class for our co-op, I am learning principles of government and UNDERSTANDING our is an incredibly fascinating study, that maybe only experience can put into words. Digging into the reasoning of the day, rather than just accepting at face value what someone tells you. I cannot remember much about what we learned about the Constitution in High School, but I remember playing the stock market in class. Something this foundational to our identity as a nation should perhaps be treated a little more than cursory...I wonder how many of our nation's students (much less adults) really understand our Constitution...well, I can tell you 10 students who will have much more of an understanding than they did least, I hope they will...
On the same note, but on a different vein, I just finished a really good book...The Lady of Arlington. It is about Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee (I believe that is correct, but we all know her better as Mrs. Robert E. Lee. What a fascinating life. I love to read biographies, but this has to be one of my favorites. I was really struck by her in so many ways. One thing that I found interesting what HOW many important lives of the day were woven into her life...being a descendant of a sort from George Washington... historical figures weave in and out througout the tapestry of her life, up to one of the the last names mentioned of historical importance...Woodrow Wilson. Dining with the President, a President visiting there house, mention of Lewis & Clark, of course all the many from the Civil War...One life...I suppose it helps to be situated in the area of our political seat...and the loss of her home, her beloved Arlington to watch it become a national much I never knew before.
I only wish that my children would have a great desire to be learning all of their lives.
We'll talk again soon! Sorry it's been so long...I have been sick.

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