Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vacation Bible School, Day Two

Online gaming is very popular with kids as young as five years old.  Almost every kid has heard of Minecraft, and many have accounts of their own where they create worlds with their friends.  My son has been ASKING me to PLEASE let him play...trouble is, I can't figure out how to download it!  So we move on.  Today's Vacation Bible School theme isn't all about gadgets, but gives them that game inspired look they love!

Today's Theme:  World Builders!  I can almost hear the Mission Impossible Theme song...oh wait, that was last week's band concert!  Well, Adventure is out there and waiting for you.

Bible Stories that would fit with a World Builders Theme
Noah's Ark
Joshua at the Battle of Jericho
Mighty Samson
David & Goliath
Jesus calling the 12 disciples (I guess in online gaming, players call on other players to participate in battles or group events)
Revelation: Jesus' return and the new Kingdom of Heaven (I just studied Revelation with BSF and focusing on the Victorious Lamb could make this possible.  I would be careful with this story though)

Books to Reference:
Minecrafter's Bible (NIrV) $24.99
Picture That! Bible StoryBook  $9.99
The Berenstain Bears Play a Good Game $3.99
Faithgirlz: 101 Way to Have Fun $14.99 (This is a bit outside the age range for VBS students, but some activities might be adaptable.  It is a fun book though, so I left it in the list!)
Adventure Bible: God's Great Creation (An I Can Read Book) $3.99
Beginner's Bible: David battles Goliath $3.99
Faith Builder's Bible (NIrV) $24.99

Craft Ideas:
Pickaxes $6.25/12
Swords $6.25/12

And some ideas from my Pinterest Board

Decoration Ideas:
Bright Foam Blocks $17.99/48
Inflatable Torches $10.99/12
Cobblestone Aisle Runner $47.50/100 ft.
Design a Room Stone Wall Background $15.99
Minecraft Steve Head $24.99
Minecraft Creeper Head $24.99

And a few more from Pinterest

Snack ideas from Pinterest too!
So these boards have some ideas that would not be practical for VBS, but would be FABULOUS for a Five Day Club in the neighborhood or ahem, maybe a boy's birthday party! (Could be for a girl as well...I just have a boy...who I need to throw a party for!)

Some other fun ideas include:
Saving up a LOT of boxes and painting them to resemble Minecraft elements.  Let the children build away.  You will need A LOT OF BOXES for this!
Teach kids to code using this free resource
Create your own game characters following this tutorial from Captain Nintendo Dude
Have a Watermelon carving Contest and create delicious edible game characters like these
Be World Builders in  your own community by planting a garden, cleaning up an abandoned lot or helping elderly with yardwork.
Plan a scavenger hunt using a GPS and GeoCaching.
Play a game of Creepers vs. Endermen Dodge Ball
Using Lego, Duplo or other bricks, build your favorite Bible story using examples from the Faith Builders Bible.
Create Minecraft inspired MadLibs using this glossary

Songs may include:
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
Only A Boy Named David
There were Twelve Disciples

Well, Day Two is DOWN, but Day three is coming up!  See you tomorrow!

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