Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vacation Bible School, Day Three

It's Day Three of our Vacation Bible School Theme Round Up and today's theme is When I Grow Up!  Most kids enjoy thinking about all the things they could BE when they grow up and this theme helps them explore that a little bit and reminds them that God is ALWAYS with them!

Bible Stories that would fit into a When I Grow Up theme:

God calls Noah to Build an Ark
God calls Moses to lead His people out of Egypt and write the 10 Commandments
Joseph, the dream interpreter
Jesus calls His 12 Disciples to minister with Him
Jesus calls Paul to be a Disciple

Books to Reference:
The Plans I Have For You by Amy Parker $16.99 (it said it was on special for $11.89...I am not sure how long that is good for)
The Plans I Have for You Devotional by Amy Parker $14.99
Baby Wren and the Great Gift by Sally Lloyd-Jones $16.99
Adventure Bible: Joseph the Dreamer (An I Can Read book) $3.99
Adventure Bible: Noah's Voyage (An I Can Read book) $3.99
Adventure Bible: Paul Meets Jesus (An I Can Read book) $3.99
Kids Quest Study Bible (NIrV) $29.99

This theme was a little more difficult to find ideas may have to tweak the ideas posted or look for ideas from the Bible Stories...but here is what I have.

Craft Ideas:
Create Your Own Puzzle $4.99
Jobs If You Like Career People Craft Sticks- Scroll down for supplies, price varies

A few ideas here

Snack Ideas:
Foods that seem grown up, but that Children love...this will vary, but veggies, hummus or wraps.  You can also have the snacks go with the story for that day.
You can also check in here to find more ideas

Decorating Ideas:
Collect Community Helper costumes and posters.

This theme was a little more difficult to have specific decorations for.  It might be fun to adapt the Never Grow Up ideas to mix with the When I Grow Up theme...Anyway, such as it is, here is my pinterest board

Songs you can include:
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
This Little Light Of Mine
Standing in the Need of Prayer

Other Activities that might be fun!
Invite parents or church members to come each day and talk about their careers
Have children dress up for a career they might like to have
Honor Different Careers each day
Have a pet visit day in honor of veterinarians
Practice safety demonstrations in honor of police, fire fighters and first responders.
Help people in need with a charitable activity in honor of pastors, missionaries and other care givers.
Host a special lunch where kids serve their parents to honor all that parents do for them
Host a Talent Show where children can sing, recite a poem, tell a story or dance that honors a career they would like to have.

Well, that wraps up day three!  I will see you tomorrow for Day FOUR!  I hope you are enjoying these posts, courtesy of Zondervan Publishing and that they are helping to get your Vacation Bible School Plans moving.


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