Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Inspiring Words Review and Giveaway

Inspiring Words: 30 Verses from the Bible You Can Color
Zonderkidz Publishing
Price: $9.99
Ages: 8 and up

9780310757283, Inspiring Words : 30 Verses from the Bible You Can Color

From the back of the book: "Inside these pages, you'll find thirty unique and creative  illustrations focusing on key verses from the Bible, each offering an opportunity to connect with Scripture while exploring your creativity.  Throughout, NIV verses are paired with detailed line art, and each page is printed on high-quality, thick paper stock that won't bleed through.
Relax. Sit back. Meditate on God's Word.  Then remove the completed page to display your work for even more daily inspiration."

Lately, there has been a craze in coloring books being put out for adults.  It is a great way to de-stress and be creative in a smaller chunk of time, without getting out a lot of miscellaneous supplies. There are actually studies that show great benefits to coloring in training the brain to focus, calming fear responses and activating the logic part of your brain.  Whatever your reasons for picking up a coloring book, let me recommend Inspiring Words: 30 Verses from the Bible You Can Color.

First, I will say...It took me a LONG time to be able to even write in this book.  I think the perfectionist in me kept telling me I would mess it up. Then I had my son color one...he did the picture above.  I FINALLY was able to venture into the book with a bit of color and I found it very enjoyable.  I was not able to finish my picture, but will come back to it soon.
I tried out crayon, colored pencil, marker and Sharpie.  As you can see, both markers can be seen from the back, but did not bleed through the paper.  I felt like I had the best control with the colored pencil.  The Sharpie was a close second.  The marker and the crayon had too fat of a tip to get into the all the fine line detailing in the pictures.  It was fun, but very time consuming.  I think I would enjoy this activity in shorter chunks...maybe half an hour or so.

The pages have designs only on one side of the paper, and there is a dotted link to cut on, but it does not have perforated edges.  I will probably tear the page out carefully as close to the binding as possible, and then cut on the dotted lines.

It is nice to sit and meditate on the verse you are coloring while you are keeping your fingers busy.  Prayer is a theme for me this year in so many ways...from this page, I can think on it being POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE.  This may also be a way to memorize little bits of Scripture.
I think you will enjoy it!

GIVEAWAY:  Get your own copy of Inspiring Words: 30 Verses From the Bible You Can Color by sharing in the comments why you would like a copy of this coloring book.  One winner will be selected on February 14th.  Comments may be submitted until 11:59 on February 13.  Winner must provide name and street address (can't be delivered to P.O, Boxes.)   The book will be shipped directly from the publisher.  Good Luck!

* I received a copy of the above mentioned product to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Your results and/or opinions may vary.  


Charlene Morrow said...

I've been thinking it would be fun to join in on the coloring craze, and this looks like a great way to do it, and meditate on scripture at the same time.

Donna Cuddy said...

Why I would like to have have copy of this coloring book?

Coloring is a relaxing, creative, private, and gentle way to heal brain trauma and damage to the mid-brain as well as build the new pathways needed to regain brain use lost or damaged due to brain infections or head trauma. And has been recommended highly by neurologist in building new or improving information transferred along nerve pathways. Especially nerve pathways along the right hemisphere cerebrum to the corpus collusum and the cerebellum. And since the tumors and infections that I am recovering from were located in the center of the right cerebrum just about midbrain coloring is like physical therapy for my poor broken brain.

It could also be a jump start into my new art career or a boost to the interior decorating scheme for my home. My poor bare walls could use a new decor as the only decorations I have managed in my adult life are my children's artwork or bible verses scrawled on the walls in moments of inspiration or mathematical derivations or scientific drawings and a few momentos that remind me of those who have loved me.

Coloring would also allow quality time between me and my short people as one of the goals of life at this time to reconnect emotionally--heart to heart with those beautiful red headed short people who love all things creative. And this would be an creative things that would not be too open endedor overwhelming for a mathematical mind who is recovering from what I would call recovering broken creative brain usage. And coloring bible verses would be so much more beautiful to my mind than some picture without meaning. And the verses could totally be my next inspiration for who knows what God has in mind. After all God's word never returns void!

Donna L. Cuddy (I think you have my address, teehee!)

Lalia Harris said...

This would be a fun activity for my son and I. He needs to work on finger dexterity. I simple need to get off of electronics.

Teresa said...

What a fantastic giveaway! I'd o I've this as an opportunity to meditate on the Lord (while my daughter is doing her schoolwork, or in the morning before everyone is up. )

Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of this coloring book. I would like to see if this makes memorizing scripture easier for me. I know that I would use it; I have always hauled out my crayons and Christmas coloring books at the holidays and would sneak in time to do some pages-little did I anticipate that this would become a fad. I am grateful that there are chritian message.

JoAnneTea said...

I want this coloring book for myself. First and foremost because I love God's promises. There came a time in my life where people betrayed me and I realized that the only incorruptible thing I could count on in life was God's Word. Secondly, as a nursing student I have learned that coloring is an evidenced-based way to reduce pain, anxiety, or stress.

Charity Baze said...

I would love to have this coloring book. This seems to be coloring with a purpose, and would help with memorizing bible verses. I'm sure Ryann and i would have tons of fun with this :)

Meagan said...

Recently I've been keeping my eyes out for a new coloring book to bring creative inspiration and a way to have some artistic therapy. This would be an amazing way to not only achieve that but also incorporate Gods Word. Which I always need more of in my life. Thanks for sharing this!