Monday, January 26, 2015

Green Tea Lemongrass GGMS

In an on again, off again attempt to lose weight, I keep returning to Trim Healthy Mama.  I SO LOVE the concept, but have some issues with the application of it.  So, as I am dealing with an issue, that presses me closer to THM again, I am getting out all my special ingredients again.  One of my favorite things with THM is GGMS, or Good Girl Moonshine.  A beverage with Apple Cider Vinegar and ginger and about as many variations as you can imagine.  We have been enjoying a Fruit Punch GGMS and I just got to thinking...what would happen if...

So, here is my variation of GGMS
Steep 8 bags Green Tea of your choice in about 4 cups of water. (You will add more water later and ice when you are ready to drink it!)
Into a pitcher, put:
 4-8 tsp THM's Sweet Blend or approved sweetener (I do not like it sweet, so I do 4t, but you may want much more)
 8 tsp. lemon extract
 8 T. Apple Cider Vinegar
 2 T Ginger (powdered or fresh...I like using the Gourmet Garden brand that comes in a tube
It costs SO MUCH MORE than powdered or the fresh root, but the taste difference and ease of use make it the go to for me...)I use a squeeze about 2" long for this recipe.
Lemongrass, also from the tube and about the same amount...I did not measure...but I did learn something about the stayed chunked up in the drink...SO STIR IT INTO SOMETHING BEFORE ADDING IT TO YOUR the Apple Cider Vinegar.

Swish all of this around and add the tea.  Add 32 oz cold water.  Chill and/or serve with ice.
This makes about half a gallon of GGMS.

You can add some lemon juice or essential oil (MAKE SURE YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS ARE SAFE TO INGEST) if desired.

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