Friday, May 2, 2014

Young Women of Faith Bible, NIV

Zondervan provided me with a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes.  All opinions are my own.  No other compensation was received.

The Young Woman of Faith Bible is perfect for the young lady that is not quite a woman, but definitely NOT a little girl.  She is growing in God's Word and has a style all her own.  I was excited to get this, my daughter was a bit hesitant.  She thought it might be too pink.  When it arrived, she was happy with the initial look of it and was eager to flip through it and get to using it.

Inside, there are many cool features that make this a perfect Bible for young ladies.  You can see many of those features here, but I would like to highlight a couple that I thought we particularly sweet!

First, if you have the Women of Faith Bible, the weekly studies and some of the side notes in the Young Women of Faith Bible are linked with this Bible.  This gives the opportunity of Mother and Daughter Studying the Word together.  This could be such a sweet time together and sounds AMAZING!  I wish I would have known that before receiving this would have been fun to open up the Word with my beautiful girl.

Next, I LOVE the journal prompts in this read a passage of Scripture and then it asks you to do something, like based on Ezekiel 10, draw a picture of what you think a cherub looks like or from Luke 17, a prompt asking your daughter to make a list of people she feels God is asking her to thank and making cards for them.  This teaches our girls to read and apply what they have read in the Scripture, making them Do-ers of the Word!  My girl thought these we fun!

The last thing I will talk about are the side notes.  These explain some passages and define terms and also connect dots between things that happened in the Old Testament to things that happen in the new.  I found these notes to be helpful.

The Young Women of Faith Bible is an NIV Bible, which I appreciate for my children for two reasons.  First, it is the version used by Bible Study Fellowship, which we attend, and that makes completing lessons a little easier for my children.  Second, it is a version that is easy to read and understand, using language and terms children are pretty familiar with. If you are looking for a Bible that is a little more grown up for your tween girl, I highly recommend that you look at the Young Women of Faith Bible from Zondervan.

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