Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Reading Fun

Well, this is the FIFTH time we have had a beginning reader...and it is very bittersweet as this will most likely will be the LAST beginning reader...It is a VERY exciting time for our DD as these shaped things called letters begin to take on a WHOLE NEW LIFE as words...and words in sentences, paragraphs and books.
To especially encourage my NEW reader, but also to have fun with one who THINKS she hates reading...we made Reading Rockets to track the books we read over the summer. When these get filled up, a trip to our FAVORITE used book store is in order.
So here are some Pictures...You really don't NEED them, but one day, I will want to remember younger two are SO EXCITED! The Cloud like blob in the middle has their name on I did not close in on that...but choosing a name out of the hat it would say, " Sally is a Rocket Reader!" We found an extra flat person from DD's Flat Stanley we dressed it up and added that to his rocket...I guess the Principessa didn't want one for hers.
So here are DD's

And The Principessa's

Tomorrow, we are going to the ZOO!!!! This will be DD's FIRST TIME...can you believe it...WOW...cannot believe it has been over 7 years since we have gone...
It will also be a VERY LONG day for I work at 5 am...then we will be going straight to the zoo...then later that night I will have a homeschool meeting...Ugh...tired just thinking about it!

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