Sunday, June 2, 2013

Joy Dare Catch Up...again

So, I am already seeing how I might change how I do my Joy Dare posts next I have periods of time when I can work ahead and then periods where I seem to be catching up...
So here are the last few days...

May 28
3 Gifts in Today's Work

1} Tuesdays, I get to do my FAVORITE job where I work...counting money!
2} The Team Environment
3} Discounts on Iced Coffees!!!!

May 29
A Gift at 8am, 12 pm, 8 pm

1} 8 am: Quitting time and Iced Coffee
2} 12 pm: School was in FULL SWING...time for a lunch break
3} 8 pm: Bedtime for a tired Momma...LONG DAY!

May 30
3 Gifts Blue

1} New Organizers for my desk!
2} Our New Bedroom...LOVE how our space looks now
3} EMPTY laundry baskets...well at LEAST ONE is blue!

May 31
3 Gifts I Gave today

1} Encouragement
3} A sacrifice of my time to bless my hubby...

June 1
3 Gifts Orange

1} Looking at my orange Origami Owl Fortune Cookies...I feel blessed to be a part of such a great company
2} Mangoes...kinda orange-y...LOVE the new Mango NOOSA Yoghurt...
3} My boy in his Orange shirt...the ONE he HAD to have...even though it BARELY fits! Makes me happy and thankful for that sweet boy and his siblings that have SO ENRICHED my life.

June 2
This should be 3 gifts Funny...but it has been a HARD I am changing this to Three HARD EUCHARISTEOS

1} Loving on a precious Momma who just lost a son...seeing her broke my heart and no words were good enough...Thankful today that God is on His throne and in control when all seems out of control.
2} Loving a prodigal...seeing his brokenness and knowing he needs to open up, but he won't...and he will continue down the hard path for a while longer...Thankful today that God loves this one more than we do and that when we make our beds in hell...HE IS THERE
3} Thankful for music that helps us express our hurts (and JOYS) when we have no words, are spiritually dry or things are just too hard...I am loving this song right now...

And I am caught up too!


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