Monday, February 18, 2013

Catching up on the Joy Dare...

WEll, the flu has got me behind in MUCH...laundry, dishes, BSF, Co-op, and the Joy I can at least catch up on one thing here...

February 17
3 Gifts found giving/serving
So many ways this could be interpreted I will visit it from different angles

1} The blessing you get from giving a gift that the receiver finds so wonderful...I LOVE this feeling.
2} In giving offerings-Knowing God will take care of us no matter what when I choose to walk in faith and believe God's Word.
3} In Serving-The joy of giving a helping hand and encouraging others with your talents and gifts...or even in your weaknesses. Many hands make light work.

February 18
3 Gifts on Paper
1}Pictures posted throughout the house by my children
2} A Valentine's Card from a dear friend...It is beautiful!
3} A wedding invitation from a dear friend...this young man is remarkable and I feel blessed that our family was invited to share in his special day.

And, since I am feeling a bit better...I am more than thankful to be over the flu!


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Cheri said...

Glad you are feeling better Carrie!