Sunday, February 10, 2013

3 Times I Heard Laughter Today

1} Well...this first was ME...yes, I can be VERY immature and it is a sign that God still has a work to do in me...but this was I am making some freezer meals...and we are working on Taco Soup...getting the soup in the bags...and all that needs to happen is for the bags to be sealed and set on a tray for the off to seal bag #1...check...and set it on the tray. I do not know if time slowed down and we were stuck in some kind of warp there...but it was good and then all of a sudden the dam broke loose and soup is spraying all over...all over my boy that is...and what can I do to help this handsome young man out??? Yep, laugh my head off...He's off to the shower right now...and all I can think is that we still have Minestrone and Spaghetti sauce to go! Thankful for those times when we can laugh...and for the joy that comes with it...There is a sort of clearing of the air, and of the mind and we have shared a I am sure my boy really wishes he was not a part of...but I will be more careful with the recommendation...Buy Ziploc brand bags may be a little cheaper, but when you factor in laundry and shower is not worth it...
Hey Lou...thanks for your help...time for the next batch...oh...and I am NOT laughing AT you...but with you!

2) DD was LAUGHING his head off today...He would take a small drink, and then start laughing his head off...I really expected him to start choking or spit it out all over the place...and THEN we would see just WHO would be laughing...anyway...this took place for several minutes...and he gets all serious and then if he is imparting some great secret...I have no idea why I am laughing...oh, that boy!

3}during a quick chit chat with a good friend...always a sweet blessing to laugh with a good friend!

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