Saturday, February 9, 2013

3 Surprise Gifts-Unexpected Grace

1} As I walk along in this life of faith, I walk...and then make a mistake...walk along some more, go through a trial that chisels away at my hard heart or works on a place in my character that needs to be more like Chirst...I walk some more...doubt or fear cause me to take my eyes off Christ and place them on the situation...maybe do something stupid...and I did I do that...I have been in Christ for more than 20 would think I would know better than that...BUT...then I read about Abraham...and I see...he did that too...and yet in the New Testament, it says he was God's friend...and I am greatly encouraged that God put THAT account into Scripture...and I am more than thankful...

2} I was getting ready to load three 5 gallon jugs of water into my car and a very nice man came and asked me if I would like him to load them in my don't always see people going out of the way to help another was a VERY unexpected grace!

3}Ok...a friend just posted this on her facebook wall...this is so sweet and lovely...I had to share it here as well...


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