Friday, March 30, 2012

Amazing Animals By Design

Amazing Animals By Design
Tate Publishing
Debra Haagen
Ages: preschool-early elementary
Price: $7.99 for a PDF, $8.99 for a paperback copy

Why is a giraffe’s neck so tall? Why do zebras have stripes? Did all of these things happen by accident? When John and Sarah visit the zoo, they ask these questions and many more. Their parents and the zookeepers keep using the word design, but what does that mean? With its relevant message and exciting presentation, this is the perfect book to help introduce children to intelligent design. Come find out in Amazing Animals by Design by Debra Haagen!

I received a PDF copy of the book Amazing Animals by Design by Debra Haagen. This book is a very sweet book that follows a family through a trip to the zoo as they discover many aspects of how each animal is PERFECTLY designed and suited to live in their environment. This book came along as a result of their many trips to zoos and wildlife parks. Debra was looking around for a book to explain intelligent design to her children when they were having a difficult time understanding what that meant. There was nothing available at that time, so Debra decided to write a book herself.
I love how Debra picked up on the words that the zookeepers used often in their trips:"the animals were DESIGNED..." and used that to explain to her children about intelligent design and the Perfect Designer and I loved how she brought it home to them...showing that their children (and mine, and yours!!!) have a special design and are made in God's own image.
Listen to Debra's radio interview here
My Children really enjoyed this book and I am going to bring a paper copy of it with me the next time our family goes to the zoo and watch for teaching times as we walk along.

Amazing Animals by Design can be purchased here now, but will be released on April 1st for other retailers.

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