Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preschool/Kindergarten Fun

As I was thinking about school, I decided to search around a bit at the place where I got our preschool lessons. We are using a Preparatory Letter of the Week Curriculum that I found online. I love this program 1. because it is free 2. because it uses books from the library 3. because it is all laid out and 4. because it is fun. I thought I would share some links...this is what we are using now...it says for ages 2-4...DD is 4 right now and we are using it...


Then step two says it is for age 3 and is this
Step three says for ages 3-6 and is this
and step four is for ages 4-7 is this

DD loves this program...he gets excited to read the books suggested for each week...carries them around, looks at them over and over before bedtime. We have all of his work from each week in a letter folder...each letter has its own folder. DD loves to look through those and see the work he has done. With this, we also have a great book called Art Across the Alphabet by Kelly Justus Campbell. I have really loved using this book as a supplement to add in art activities to go with each letter. These two resources have really helped me so that DD gets his school done too...and with five in homeschool...it would be VERY EASY to just let him go off and do his own thing...

(Steps three and four are under construction and are not all the way done yet. I have no idea when they will be done.)

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