Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poor, Poor Bessie

Well, when I told you all about our dinosaur, I forgot to tell you her name...we are calling her Bessie...well, because it just fit. Back in April, I rode to a women's retreat with a dear was her first time driving this new little commuter car her husband was going to be using and she was worried about how it would go up the pass...I told her it would be fine as long as the semis weren't passing us...well, the semis WERE passing us...and we had a great laugh over it...and I am not sure what the computer comparison would be for Bessie, but the semis are DEFINITELY passing her!!!! I feel so helpless as I can offer no help as she wheezes and groans with each page or email opening...just think back to dial-up if y'all can remember back that far...maybe we should have called her Granny...but Bessie, sad as it is to watch her work, is most beloved...perhaps we will have to have Flat Stanley adventures with her...well, except for the fact...well...that she is not that flat!!!!
Keep rejoicing with me though...and don't worry as the semis pass us by...the laughter in the car is WORTH it! (well at least Cheri and Grace will get it! ;-)


Grace said...

Thanks for starting my morning with a smile and a giggle! Want to go for a ride soon?

Lynn said...

Carrie, at least you're on line! My computer will need to be replaced some time before TOO long, but I love her -- slow sometimes thing that she is. :)

Take care,

PS -- Hope you get some spring weather soon!