Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blog Stalker?

So, many of you might be thinking I never read your blog...I assure you...I do...I just have this issue...a pet peeve really...I don't like the way the comments are you have to go to a seperate page to leave a comment...the when you are done, press back a few times til you are where you were...makes me nuts!!!! I wish the comments could just be left under the facebook...I can leave you a cheery little message and scroll down right keeping up with what is going on...ahhh...perhaps one day...but not today...Bessie just can't take it...even if it didn't make me nuts on a regular day...
So...anything make you nuts about blogging...either posting or tell...just don't get me started on those fancy pants blogs where you have to click "read More" to read more...or I might really go over the something tweet to all my twits or write on some walls...only if Bessie doesn't get her bytes in a bundle!!!

1 comment:

Cheri said...

You and Bessie are cracking me up. I don't mind leaving comments so much. What really annoys me is uploading photos and once you have them there is no moving them around and changing the order. What's that about? It drives me crazy. Maybe it is just me. I will admit I am not too computer savvy. Can anyone else change their photos around once you have uploaded them?