Friday, January 1, 2010

Ouii, Wii

I hope you all have had a nice holiday season....It has been a busii December to finish all our Christmas gifts, and I hope everyone enjoyed them...I was VERY touched by my SIL's comments about last years gifts...nice to know they were appreciated.
Anyway, one of the MANY Christmas surprises wii were given was TWO Wii's...wii had asked my Dad to get us one as a family gift...wii found a GREAT deal at Wal-Mart...but then Dana's Mom surprised everyone with one...and THAT WAS A SURPRISE...
I have been wanting a Wii because I have heard that they were alot of fun...I mean a video game you move to...can you ask for more, gamers....anyway, I had my first attempt at it last night...I did not want to HUMILIATE myself in front of my teenage I waited until they were gone and the Principessa taught mii how to bowl, golf and play baseball...wii didn't play long, because those boys came home, but I am looking forward to getting on more often...AND, in case you are wondering, wii are taking the other Wii back and getting Wii fit for mii and another thing for the boys....



Cheri said...

I love all the double i's! :) I must say I think the name is crazy. When it first came out I asked Seth if he thought they would call Wii 2 the Wii Wii! :)

I'm happy for you guys. You'll have so much fun with the Wii Fit.

Lynn said...

Dear Carrie,

Wii want a Wii as well, but wii don't have one yet. Maybii 2010 wii'll get a wii. :)

Sounds like you all had a wonderful surprise!!