Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have been reading on Facebook and in various blogs and in talking with people and hearing what a difficult year 2009 was for so many...while it was for us too, I think that they have forced us to see where our faith truly is...Do we really TRUST God...BELIEVE that He really cares for us and is only good all the time...Can we see God's hand in the difficult I sit here and I am formulating my personal goals for I think of the darkest days of my walk last year where there were days all the faith I had was that He Is...I think...those struggles make me rely on Him in ways that I don't when all is good...Those struggles chip of portions of my hard heart and get down to the tender flesh...those struggles form me more and more into the image of Christ...and for that, I can be thankful...I can say today that "ALL things work together for good, for those called according to His purpose." I can see some of the good in it...I may not even know the extent of his purpose, but knowing WHO HE IS helps me know there is a purpose.
I will be posting my goals for this year when I have developed them a little more fully, but for now, I just want to encourage you to be of good cheer and also to press on toward the prize and to Fight the good fight...because ALL THINGS work together for good...All....things....


Cheri said...

I loved your post Carrie. :)

Joanie said...

Amen, sister!

Lorentzen Family said...

I enjoyed reading your post Carrie!

I would love to hear what you come up with, as far as work for your boys.

Rachel said...


Lynn said...

Dear Carrie,

We've just been talking along similar lines here, how it's only after something passes that we can look back and see the good it did for us.

I love the botanical prints you sent! They are very beautiful. Thank you so much!