Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, we have been SO blessed to have Gleaners in our area...I thought I would show what I got today...this includes a Specialty Glean, which memebers get when they work over so many hours per month, that is why there is so much...

So, some of the things I got were:
Borax (Score for making laundry soap)
Dish Soap ( I really needed this...Thank you Lord)
2 lipsticks and a compact
2 bottles of lotion
1 bottle of body wash
Pregnancy Test- you just never know...
a quart of sour cream
a pint of whipping cream
1 gallon milk
1 doz. eggs
1 package sausage patties
1 lb bacon
4 pack. hot dogs
2 pack. apple gouda sausages (THESE ARE SO GOOD!!!)
1 lg. can tuna
3 boxes pop tarts
2 boxes ritz type crackers
bag of jelly beans
2 bags frosted animal cookies
4 small bags chips
box of brownie mix
2 boxes cereal bars
bag of lollipops
5 pkg. gum
bag of cheese puffs
pkg. oatmeal cookies (these look real interesting with chocolate covered sunflower seeds on them)
a pkg. of oreo type cookies....double stuff!!!!
2 lbs coffee
5 cans soup
box of penne noodles
2 bottles hot sauce
bottle of salad dressing
can of pumpkin
qt of strawberries
freezer jam
4 Dove ice cream bars....YUMMY
2 Deli sandwiches
1 dz. biscuits
a bouquet of flowers
1 pr. pajamas...a Christmas gift for my nephew....shhhh....don't tell!

I am sure there were a few more items, but my brains aren't quite all there and so...this is it...I know that this has blessed our family TREMENDOUSLY...There have been a couple of really lean times when we have had to create from what we get from gleaning.
Well, I need to get ready for dinner...


Jennifer said...

I am so jealous! There is no gleaners here. When we moved in, it was one thing that I was looking for right away because our income took a nose dive due to living in a "lower cost of living" area. Ha! Groceries are just as expensive on either side of the mountains.

I am so happy for you. What a blessing!

Oh, which one do you participate in? My cousing Jori has been involved for years, I believe with Lake Stevens, not sure. :)

Carrie said...


You should start one...it has been such a blessing to our family...I would think that there are other families around you that could really use this as well.
We are part of what used to be called Evergreen Gleaning Association...Jori...I recently met a gal named Jori who is part of another Gleaning team, but there team passes on to ours...she lives in Everett...I wonder if it was the same gal.

Jennifer said...

I'm sure it is, she does live in Everett. She has five children, lots of them are quite grown up now. She's a very sweet lady, knows so much. She's the first person that I ever talked about homeschooling with.

I should start one. In my spare time, right!!!? :)