Friday, September 4, 2009

Early to Bed, Early to RIse....

Makes a woman feel alone in her night owl family!!!

Well, I have been trying to get up earlier to be prepared for a new school year, but unfortunately, I am the only one doing night owls seem to be having one last HURRAH to do all the late night stuff they will be too tired to do later...I was hoping this would help us ease into a new school schedule...but No...I guess they will just be awfully surprised next week...let me tell you sure get alot done (and sometimes undone and redone again) when you get up earlier...

Last week, (totally new subject, because that is the way my brain works!) I got together with a dear friend and we made some beeswax candles...they look lovely and burn nice, but it makes me realize that I would like to make so much more...what I made will never carry us through the year...maybe a month...we made some pairs of tapers, and then we had some fun and twisted some...mostly double twists, but a couple of triple twists...

God has blessed our family with a BUNCH of plums off of our tree, which we froze, some blueberries we picked up at Mount Baker (which I am sure are almost gone) and with bananas from gleaners, which we also froze) and I am so grateful for these...I would love to get some apples, because I want to try canning apple pie filling which sounds delicious and we canned some cherries this year too. I bought a box of peaches, but it was really just enough to make a big crisp and then to eat. They were SO good...I thought I was going to be able to freeze some, but we enjoyed them too much! The Crisp recipe was so delicious...I want to mess with it a little more and when I have it down, I will post that. I have some pictures to upload and I think I will just post a wordless post when I get that done.

I am loving going through the new books we have so far and making the plans...My techy guys books are the most fun to go through...I think he will have a very challenging may want to pray for both of us! We still need to get a few books, but that will come...I think we have enough to keep us busy even without those...that's the beauty of Homeschooling...there is always something to learn!

Well, I think I need to get some children moving,
So have a great day~

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