Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swagbucks, even better

Thanks to Melissa's Bargain Blog, I now have the scoop on an even better deal with you all know, I have been very excited about swagbucks...thinking I would add up my points for Target Gift Cards (I found out, btw, that these are for online use only)...well, now they have an option for a $5 paypal on your paypal I just used all of my points to deposit $10 to my account...then I can either leave it there or transfer to my checking account...not sure yet what I will do, but it is a great prize. So for the special introduction of this prize, it costs 80 swagbucks...the regular price is 190 swagbucks. Just thought I would share this little tidbit...I will let you know when it shows up in my account.

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