Friday, June 19, 2009


I have been wanting to post about this for a bit now and either hadn't had it set up OR didn't have time OR couldn't find the cord to connect the camera with the it is...Workboxes

What are workboxes? Look here for the details:
Or here:

Here are what ours look like: These are techy guys

And these are the Mediator's:

I will post more about this a little later today...I need to snap to and get children on task! That happens MUCH BETTER when Momma is on TASK!

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Sheri said...

Now I like that! One option for the larger books is to get a couple of the rubbermaid bins that are a bit larger, like I have for my son's lapbook/project boxes. It takes up the space of 2 reg. boxes, so we have less that day-but at least the books are not squashed. I am actually going to revamp hers-it isn't working like I had hoped. She doesn't want the shoe rack/boxes-which would be a lot easier to fill-but I need her to want to use em-so we'll go a bit different of a route. SO glad to have met ya-am going to follow ya! I hope to have more ideas for the older kiddos workboxes soon-I am starting out with that territory, so I am learning as I go. Have a great day!