Sunday, February 22, 2009

Been Awhile

Well, it has been awhile since I last blogged...time just flies when measured by growing babies....speaking of growing babies...
One of mine, just got another year older....HAppy Birthday Lou...I love you!

So I am still looking for three participants for my Pay It Forward never know what you will get...I don't know either!!!!

It's that TIME of year...the time I dread most...TAX TIME...ugghh! I do not like tax time... it involves a lot of time and organization...both of which I am VERY LOW I need to go and gather receipts, check stubs, etc and get this done...the sooner the better!

When JC was gone, we did some cleaning and organizing...amazing that so much can get done, but it looks like nothing I still have much to do. I am thinking that I will make a master Spring Cleaning list and do all of those chores that never seem to get done and break them into small portions so we all can work together for a short period of time each day. One chore that is DONE...boy's room...two of my boys share a room and it was such a sty that you could not even WALK in the small word on their behalf...their room was totally torn apart to get furniture moved, but they added to the mess we tackled the mess and it is done..
Another thing done: Laundry days...everyone has a day and that is when their laundry comes in the Laundry room...bedding and all...I have been training the children HOW to do their laundry and fold it, put away, they do the laundry, including whatever community things need to be washed too, like dish towels, napkins, etc. So laundry is running MUCH smoother!!! The good news is that the plan is working and bedding is getting washed more frequently...since we KNOW when it was washed last! the bad news...I am doing less laundry...yes, I know...such SAD news...can you hear me crying!
I am still struggling with meal not even ask me why this is such a struggle...I have no idea...I have a freezer FULL of deer meat that I have no idea of how to prepare...any thoughts??? My SIL blessed us at Christmas with this...what an amazing gift!!!!

Well, I need to get to work...making lemon curd, cookies and need to get this tax stuff done to surprise my hubby!

Have a great day!

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