Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, this is a confession, of sorts...I am a Gaither Junkie...I love Bill Gaither, his Homecoming friends and the Gaither Vocal Band...I felt like I came home musically the first time I listened to a little bit of this you can hear, I have a few selections on my playlist...I would have more if I could find more, but alas, not everyone loves it as I do...

Well, there is a change in the Vocal Band...and, for the most part, it is an amazing change...the new Vocal Band will have Bill Gaither (of course), Mark Lowry, Wes Hampton, Michael English and David Phelps...I am very excited about I am sad to see Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall moving on, but what a group of singers they have in the new I am looking to see when they may all be coming to my area...I definitely do not want to miss this!


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