Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday, Still

Well, it is now almost bedtime...a wonderful time of day...but I was thinking about our lunch today...I mentioned earlier that I bought some ready made pizza dough at the store and we were going to make mini pizzas...each child could make theirs the way they wanted it (well relatively...based on what ingrediants we have...)...well, let me tell you, I was MOM of the DAY!!! The children had a blast....my kitchen was TRASHED, but it was a relatively SIMPLE MEAL...makes me wonder what things I say no to, that maybe should be a yes...painting, other art projects, baking or cooking together...going to or having friends over...and on and on the list could go if I had the brains to remember it all...
I have been reading the book I mentioned by Diana Waring and she mentioned this idea in her book...BLessing your Children...in her book, she mentioned an incident involving her daughter and a dog...I was thinking of how many times we have promised the children we will get a dog when....(you can fill in the blank with your favorite reply, but some of our reasons are...when it is spring, when we get the grass planted, when we find the type of dog we want, etc....)Really, what is the big deal...we should be looking for ways to bless our children and to say YES...rather than NO all the time.
On Sunday after Church, I got to take my oldest out for a few hours...he always asks if he can go with me when I have to run to the store and I usually have a reason why I need him at home, so I planned this little outing...
WE went to a couple of thrift stores (he found nothing, I found a few things), then I needed to go to the craft store...then he asked to go to Game crazy (they didn't have anything) and to Radio Shack (BINGO) He found a light sabre that he thought was cool and he had JUST ENOUGH money to buy it...We didn't really do all that much, but it was fun to treat him to an outing JUST WITH MOM...an opportunity to bless him and his interests (well except for the craft store...I needed that for myself).
So now to find a way to bless the others! Let me know what you do to...I may need a good idea or ten!

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TanishaRenee said...

What a truly great thing to do for your children! I have also had this type of awakening and allow my son to do lots of things with me because in the end all they want is time--something we can all give. We go to the mall just to get french fries and lemonade- he calls it a picnic at the mall. I put newspaper on the floor and allow him to paint, buy him $1 coloring books ao we can color togather...simple things that he will remember for the rest of his life.
Ask your children what they like to do and then pick from their list. Have fun!