Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stop the Planet, I want to get off!

Well, it has been a BUSY couple of weeks...Starting with the homeschool convention, which was FABULOUS!!! Homeschool Conventions are like an energy boost to get you to keep on keepin' on....this conference was SO life changing as well!
Then it was David's Birthday...my BABY turned TWO!!! (He got his Daddy's Dimples...I LOVE IT!)

Then it was back to school work and our weekday schedules....

Wednesday is usually my busy day...we go to the chiropractor, then I work at church and then during most of the school year, it is AWANA...well AWANA is over now...so we just have the two...I had planned to have a busy day nonetheless...So off to the chiropractor we go...I am about 3/4 of the way there and notice...I don't have my purse...no license, no money, no debit card...so there went shopping and coffee...so I am thinking about how I am going to structure my day....so I'll go straight to the church after the chiropractor...then I notice....I don't have my work....so we went to the chiropractor...and WENT HOME...I called the pastor and said...I am having a crazy day, so I think I will be in on Friday....thankfully, as long as the bulletin is ready on Sunday morning, they are VERY flexible with me.

On Friday, I had an AWANA girls overnight at our church...we brought some scrapbooking materials for the girls to work with and had a great time together...well, except for the 3:30 am bit...I kept saying....girls...Mrs. C. gets cranky when she doesn't get any sleep....I kept on razzing them about it, but they FINALLY fell asleep...one gal fell asleep in a chair holding a football...it was SO cute...I wish I had my camera! In the morning, we had breakfast...well, I should say THEY had Super Sweety Sugar Bombs...I am so not ready for that in the morning...especially when I haven't had enough SLEEP!

Got home at about 11:30 am...and tried to participate in an online crop...I really didn't get much done until after my husband and one of my children left for the Mariner's game....get this (MAJOR RABBIT TRAIL HERE)it took them OVER TWO HOURS TO GET THERE...they missed half of the game...I guess traffic was a nightmare and there were two major events down there, no parking... but that is just crazy...I mean, we are not LA or NY....

I got six LO's done this weekend for the crop...I took some picts of the children on Saturday and I love how some of them turned out...my favorite was a series I took of my daughter...

These were taken over a period of about 2 minutes...really shows her emotions...my favorite out of the group though, was...

THIS ONE...Beautiful!

We had church and a family party this weekend for David...Grandma, Uncle Dale, Aunt Christina and Cousin Danny came over...we made lasagne, salad and had garlic bread...it was a good time...after we were cleaned up, I stayed up and finished three lo's...the crop was a blast...Kristen (owner) and the design team came up with a great theme and FABULOUS CHALLENGES! I loved them...I am going to try to do the ones I didn't have time for...they were all SO great.

I got some picts of the older boys too, but that is another story for a different day.

Well, today is Tuesday and I better get going...we need to get alot done today and I am craving some coffee!


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wendipooh13 said...

the pics of your kids are soo cute, you are such a busy girl!!! glad you got to scrappin and get alot done this weekend for the crop