Friday, November 25, 2016

Garden of Eden Coloring Book

Garden of Eden
Beautiful Bible Scenes to Color and Inspire
Zondervan Publishing
Illustrated by Paulo Ney Debs
Cost: $12.99
Ages: 8 and up

Coloring has been proven to be a stress relieving activity for so many, it's no wonder that coloring books abound in the stores.  Many enthusiastic artists relish the feeling of cracking open a new box of crayons or picking up a box or tin of colored pencils.  If that describes you, you might really enjoy this book.

Garden of Eden: Beautiful Bible Scenes to Color and Inspire is a collection of  80 drawings that give one artist's idea of what this classic Bible account would look like.  Beginning at Genesis 1:1 and going through to Genesis 3, there is a wide variation of drawings to color for all ages.  Some of the drawings are simple and realistic, others are more detailed and artistic.  Most of the pages include a Scripture reference.

 Illustrations are on both sides of the page and the pages are about 10"x 10".  While 10" x !0" is not a traditional frame size, with a mat, you could make a 12x12" frame work if you wanted to frame...BUT, the pictures are on both sides AND SOME LAYOUTS are two page this might be difficult if you enjoy framing pages.

Also, the paper is a nice thickness...but because the drawings are on both sides, bleeding might occur if you are using an art medium that is more wet...say markers.  You should not have any troubles if you plan on using crayons or pencils.

Another thing that was a little bit of an issue for me was the binding...being a lefty, the binding felt a little chunky and the book didn't stay open unless I cracked the binding a little by running my hand over the inside of the spine a little.  Coloring close to the binding could be a little bit of an issue as well.

* I received this above mentioned product is exchange for a frank and honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Your results and/or opinions may vary.

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