Thursday, May 12, 2016

Study Bible for Teens

NKJV Teen Study Bible
Features Written by: Larry & Sue Richards
Zondervan Publishing
Ages: 16-19

The front cover proclaims this is the BESTSELLING BIBLE for Teens! I opened this excited and is what I found between the covers.  Please note, this Bible has 1,617 numbered pages...I did not have time to look at every page...I am giving my LIMITED opinion based on the parts I did read.

Features include:
We Believe- Unpacks the Apostles' Creed to reveal the biblical foundation of faith.
This is a breakdown of the Apostles' Creed that explains what it means verse by verse in 21 passages.  These sections bounce around the Bible  to passages that are relevant to that line in the creed.  For instance, this feature begins in John 3 with I believe, then goes to Psalm 103 for in God, the Father, and so on.  I really like this feature.  I did not read all 21 passages, but the ones I did read, I found would be helpful for a teen to understand something that is often just recited in a service.

Panorama- Keeps the big picture of each book of the Bible in view
These are put close to the end of the each book of the Bible and encapsulates the main idea in a short way that is memorable.  A good survey.  I REALLY wish I would have had something like this when I was a new believer.  I really LIKE this feature.

4 Full Color pages-Presentation page, Apostles' Creed pages
I really don't have much of an opinion on these being full color pages.  This would not affect my decision to purchase at all.

Key Indexes-Helps with in-depth Bible Study
Bible Truth Index and Teen Life Index might be a good thing to browse through if you are considering this Bible.  Different families have differing opinions on how to handle various topics. As there are so many differing opinions on these topics, I strongly suggest looking at these to give you a feel for the extra content.  The Bible Truth index tracks the To The Point and We Believe features and the Teen Life Index tracks the Instant Access and Dear Jordan features.

To The Point-Reveals what the Bible say about pressing issues
This feature can deal with some controversial subject matter, but seems to handle it in an appropriate manner.  Please review the index to see if this is appropriate for your family.

Dear Jordan-Offers biblical advice for teens
This feature answers teens' question in an advice column manner.  I personally did not care for this feature.  Some of these deal with controversial subject matter and could be something you might not want your child to see without you knowing about it.   I would recommend parents look over this section carefully if giving this Bible to a younger teen.  I think older teens are generally more mature and will have had more exposure to the subject matter included in some of these segments and would be able to handle it.

Instant Access-Tells what God says to you personally
I did not care for this feature at is an excerpt of one I just opened up to: "Have you ever heard someone defend X-rated books and movies by saying the Bible has the same kind of stories? Like this one.  It's got homosexuality, gang rape, even the cutting up of a dead body.  Hey it's just like today's movies!" I guess I just think this is not necessary in a teen Bible...I am sure that some people might enjoy this, AND I KNOW I am a long way off from being a teen...but it just seemed like space filler.  Not all of these are that explicit.

Q & A-Bible Trivia
I LOVED these!  They were fun and each one had a bonus part...which added more information!

Bible Promises: Highlights verses worth remembering
I loved these too!  These were blue circles with a verse in them right in the middle of the pages.  I found that these were verses you could hold onto and use in prayer.  These seem so helpful! There is POWER in the Word!

Book Introductions: Provides an overview for each book of the Bible
I always find these helpful!  It gives a sort of who, what, where, when, why and how of the book, so you have A GENERAL idea of what you will be reading.

8 page, full color map section
MAPS!!!  I LOVE MAPS!!!!  These are beautifully done!

Complete Text of the NKJV of the Bible.
I am so happy for a version of the Bible for people under 18 that is NOT NIrV!!!  How about NASB????  Well, I can hope!

So, there is the good, the bad and the ugly.  I really think that individual families need to make the decision on this one.  I have tried to explain this as accurately as I can.

*I received this item in exchange for a frank and honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Your results and opinions may vary.

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