Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Joy Dare

1-3 Gifts Eaten
1} Chocolate Muffin in a Mug...WONDERFULLY decadent and ON PLAN!
2} Starbucks Chicken and Greens Salad
3} Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake...I had the VERY TINIEST of bites (NOT AT ALL ON PLAN) but it was SO INCREDIBLE!

2- 3 Gifts Worn
1} Red & Khaki
2} Warm fuzzy Spa Socks
3} ANYTHING BUT Red & Khaki!

3- 3 Gifts that Start with N
1} Nutella
2} Naps
3} November...a month where the focus is on being thankful, times spent with family, comfort food, crazy work schedules, and so much more!

4-A Gift Gathered, Given, Good
1} The end of our amazing elections at the votes were gathered, we had a new president for co-op
2} Grace from these sweet Momma friends I am privileged to spend time with EVERY Monday!
3} The Brannon's came to our Support Group Meeting...their sharing was SO GOOD!

5-3 Gifts Acorn Small
1} Origami Owl Lockets and Charms ...a small thing that has been a great blessing
2} Popcorn- My friend Cindy was eating this when she came and rescued me when my car broke down...
3} Mustard Seed Faith- God is so good..He shows us that He knows our needs and can provide for them in ways we cannot even imagine!

6-3 Gifts Government
1} Democratic Republic-we are a representative government
2} We have freedoms outlined in our founding documents and Constitution, Bill of Rights
3} Isaiah 9:6- The government rests upon HIS shoulders

7-3 Gifts from Your Window
1} Peaceful country scenery as we drive to and from band/choir practice
2} DOT signs warning of accidents and breakdowns, so we are able to find an alternate route
3} Stars- More than we can count...and God knows each one by name

8-\A Gift Sweet, Salty, Sipped
1} Fritos Scoops
2} Lou's Chocolate Chip Cookies
3} Eggnog Latte

9-3 Gifts Harvest
1} Beautiful Fall Colors showing the color that has always been there
2} Amazing Fall Smells of rich spices and warm and comforting goodness
3} Incredible Fall Foods that boost of the goodness of God in all things

10-3 Gifts Found in Bible Reading
1} Guidance
2} Sustenance
3} Encouragement

11-3 Gifts of Remembrance
1} Seeing the hand of God and remembering His faithfulness
2} Praying for the needs of others
3} Thankfulness for those who have fought for our freedoms, for which MANY have died

12-3 Gifts at Noon
1} Justice
2} Mercy
3} Love

13-3 Gifts Behind a Door
1} Children...with greetings of HELLO
2} Vacuum...therapeutic for me
3} a hot soak in the tub

14- 3 Gifts Silent
1} Early Morning work done when all are still sleeping
2} A few moments before bedtime, when I read...for as long as I can...zzzz
3} Bible Study

15-3 Gifts Golden
1} Wedding ring
2} Homemade chicken soup
3} Cough drops

16-3 Gifts Hard Eucharisteo
1} Hard things that continue to come, but I know God has His plan and He shows me His personal loving care for me so very often
2} Boys to Men...can be a hard process some days
3} Working for a company in NW Washington that does not work in the rain

17- 3 Gifts of Laughter
1} A night of sweet co-op aunties...working and laughing ladies bless me richly
2} Bedtime snuggles with a little boy
3} Siblings playing together

18- A Gift Made, Shared, Passed On
1} Pickles for co-op teachers...thanking them for being such a blessing
2} Time spent with the Co-op Aunties
3} A Starbucks Gift Card

19-3 Gifts of Autumn
1} Warm Sweaters
2} Hot Soups
3} Dark Nights

20- 3 Gifts of Traditions
1} Christmas Music Playing
2} Tree Trimming
3} Our NEW Tradition...the Christmas Morning Surprise...better watch out!

21-3 Gifts of Family
1} Common History
2} Unconditional Love
3} A Sense of Being Home

22-A Gift of Grateful-
I am thankful for the daily ways God sustains and encourages me

23- 3 Gifts Only In Christ
1} Grace
2} Peace
3} Life

24- 3 Gifts Humble
1} My Bank Account...and yet our needs are met
2} A Fixed Vehicle...the IMPOSSIBLE looking situation becoming possible
3} Knowing there is a "Saul" in the process of becoming a "Paul"...but not seeing how it could possibly happen...Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Mt. 19:26

25-3 Gifts Ugly-Beautiful
1}Motherhood often looks ugly to us...our failings, things we didn't do, etc, but can be so beautiful when viewed from our children's eyes
2} The end of another co-op term...A break is always nice...a few weeks off from the Monday Madness, but I have grown to love these families so dearly, that the last day will be hard...but February will be here before we know it.
3} The preparation days leading up to the Holidays can be a busy stressful mess, but learning to simplify and make new traditions to keep the focus on Christ and family create a special atmosphere and amazing memories

26-3 Gifts Preparing
1} To work Black Friday
2} Gathering fun things to do in December
3} Christmas Gifts

27- A Gift Handmade, Held, Happy
1} The sweet Nativity set my children Nativity set ever!
2} Bags for Guests at work
3} An AWANA FREE Week...My Girls are working so hard and doing such a great job learning verses and bringing friends to club...but a Wednesday night at home is a rare treat!

28- 3 Gifts in Community
1} Running into friends and neighbors at Target
2} Team Members on a long day...encouragement, understanding, support
3} Helping in a windstorm in the middle of the night

29- 3 Gifts Red
1} My Starbucks mugs- a newer tradition  for my hubby and I...when Starbucks has their 12 Days of Christmas special, we grab matching mugs!
2} Breathe Again Young Living Essential label...I LOVE this oil...I can INSTANTLY feel my airways opening up.
3} The tag on my key ring from the mechanic, which reminds me to pray for his business.

30- 3 Gifts Astonishing

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