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Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth
Prices Vary
Grades 1-12

After homeschooling for closer to two decades than I care to admit, we have fallen into a math groove...we use what we like and we LOVE it! What do you do though, when you have a child who just does not get it...well, we had been contemplating leasing one of those video school options for math...as I am not sure how to explain it so he gets it...anyway, along comes Math Mammoth to lend aid.

In case you have not heard of Math Mammoth before,
Math Mammoth are affordable, yet quality math worktexts and workbooks, available as both downloads and printed books.

Math Mammoth books concentrate on conceptual understanding and are strong in mental math. The directions in the worktexts are written directly to the student, and are often self-teaching, thus requiring little preparation and involvement from the teacher.

You can choose from many different series of books:

A complete curriculum for grades 1-6 (Light Blue Series);
Books by topic for grades 1-7, with both instruction and exercises (Blue Series);
Review workbooks for grades 1-5: these provide a comprehensive review of the specific grade level of math. Great for summer math, for example.
Worksheets by grade for grades 3-8 (Golden Series);
Worksheets by topic for grades 3-7 (Green Series);
Make It Real Learning activity workbooks for grades 3-12—highlighting how math is used in real life. These books are authored by Frank Wilson.

This video tells a little bit about the difference between the four series of books available.

For this review, we were allowed to pick the option that worked best for us...so I chose the Blue Series Books for Addition and Subtraction. Prices for the Blue Series E-books range from $2.25-$7.50 a book. If you have an affordable way to print, this can be a HUGE savings from buying other math books. You may want to check with your library to see if they have a printing policy...ours does and we can print 70 black copies a week per library card...WOO HOO! There were some pages where color may be necessary...and you can use a crayon or colored pencil to make that clear. Also, for those who are techy-er than I am...I am sure that you can save your answers into the PDF and then have no printing costs. Options for purchasing books can be found at the bottom of the particular options you are looking for, with two basic options Download from Kagi or printed from Lulu

What we liked:

The Blue Series concentrates on ONE function of math!


We could print out more sheets and re-do an entire section if needed.

This book is meant to be student directed...which is WONDERFUL for a busy Momma!

The Blue Series would be AN EXCELLENT supplement where more review is needed!

What was a challenge:

DD REALLY struggles with math concepts and needs one on one time that I just am having difficulty finding right now. He does not understand the concept and math is flowing for him rather than constant...most of our problems with Math Mammoth had to do with that rather than any discrepancy in the curriculum. As simpler math is easy for me, I found I was having a hard time explaining it to him that he understood.

A lot of the suggestions to supplement the curriculum are online...I do not allow my children online without me present, so this was time that was VERY DIFFICULT to carve out in this season of life.

DD is struggling to grasp addition concepts and I really needed a lot of practice with that in the workbook pages...I thought that the problems where you found a missing addend rather than finding the sum were a little difficult...he had trouble switching from one way of thinking into another. While he did make progress in his addition skills, he is still not up to where I think he should be and I will need to either carve out more time for math for him or see if I can find another way to get him to understand math concepts better.

Overall, while this did not work for my little guy yet, I think that Math Mammoth is a power packed little bundle of curriculum. Created especially for homeschool familes by a math teacher who began homeschooling her children, Math Mammoth explains math in simple ways and concentrates on helping students understand the concepts being taught. To help figure out where you want to be, you can get a placement test/assessment here.

Whether you are looking for a complete math curriculum, review help or concentrated study on a particular topic, Math Mammoth might be for you...but don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. Take a 7-day virtual email tour around Math Mammoth! You'll receive:
A package of over 300 free worksheets and sample pages;
7 individual emails on 7 subsequent days that answer the most commonly asked questions, including "What is the difference between all these different-colored series?"
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