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iTooch Educational Apps

iTooch Educational Apps
Cost: Free to $9.99
Grades: 3 and up
For iOS, Android or Windows

Technology is changing the way we interact with our world.   The newest information is before us NOW through many different tools and our children are almost born knowing how to use it.  eduPad has developed an extensive line of educational apps to make learning more fun.  We downloaded the free version of a few of iTooch Elementary School's apps, including Language Arts, Math and Science.  My daughter has been trying it out.

"eduPad is a French based start-up developing great applications for
education on mobile devices from Elementary to Middle School.
We also work on the eduPad Studio, a cross-platform solution that
enables 3rd parties with educational content to easily publish mobile
Tablets and smartphones are changing the way we learn. They are
intuitive and have the ability to eliminate the barriers between school
and home, work and personal life, play and study."

eduPad's iTooch Apps available:

 iTooch Elementary (Grade 3 to 5)
Language Arts and Science

iTooch Middle School (Grade 6 to 8)
Language Arts and Health (Grade 6)

iTooch French as a Foreign Language
Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation worksheets
to learn French and prepare DELF exam

iTooch TOEFL
Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing questions
to prepare for the TOEFL Exam

iTooch SAT
Worksheets on Critical Reading, Math, Biology,
U.S. History to practice for the SAT Tests

Some of the features of eduPad's apps:
Largest Database of content-each title has between 1,500-6,000 questions
Educational content that plays like a fun video game
Practice and test modes
All apps come with a virtual blackboard and calculator
The app will update when you are connected to the internet
In app purchasing and feedback options
Internet connection is not needed to play in the app...learning can take place everywhere

What we loved:
My daughter thought the games were a lot of fun.  She has already quickly played through some of the games and is excited when I tell her she can have more time in one of the apps.
She loves the belts and seeing the levels being completed.
My daughter loved the orange character

What was a challenge:
The free versions of the apps can be worked through pretty quickly and it was a bit disappointing to get to the end for her.
Please always consider whether or not a product lines up with your worldview or belief system.  I did not come across anything particular in what I looked at, but I have not been able to dig deeply into the content either.
In a media saturated world, this is just one more thing to be connected to.  I really enjoy seeing my children holding a book, playing outside or doing something creative. 

Overall, this was fun for her and I am considering buying an app and trying out the full content.  I like that it was a good way to review certain subjects.  

available on the App Store, Windows 8 and now on Google Play Store

 This is an informational review for Mosaic Reviews.  I downloaded a free version of this app.  I did not receive anything free.  The opinions expressed are based on our interaction with the free content.

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