Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finishing Up July Joy Dare

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity...catching up as I can grab a few moments here and there...HOPING to do a couple of family posts soon!

7/26: 3 Gifts Fresh
1} Sheets hanging out on the line
2} A clean slate each morning
3} Hamburger from Zaycon

7/27: A Gift on Vacation, At Home, In Relaxation
1} Vacation: Rest
2} Home: Comfort
3} Relaxation: Peace

7/28:3 Gifts of Beginnings
1} Today Celebrates the Beginning of my 17 year old son's life...brought into the world on a beautiful sunny day...he was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL early birthday present!
2} Beginning a new book: Francine Rivers Redeeming Love
3} The beginning of a new week...

7/29: 3 Gifts Together
1} Lunch with a dear friend
2} Birthday Celebration with family
3} Snuggles from the littlest ones before bed

7/30: 3 Gifts Heard
1} Hearing Happy Birthday from one of my FAVORITE baristas (Tess) when ordering my free drink.
2} "You can go home early!"
3} "Momma, you're home!"

7/31: 3 Gifts Difficult
1} Knowing God's plan is unfolding when things feel like they will never change
2} Trusting God even in broken windows
3} Tough Love

Watching Down the Lane,

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