Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gifts this week

So this week is Vacation Bible School for our family and we will be gone...A LOT...our church is offering an all day option for those who wouldn't be able to come otherwise...and planning fun activities throughout the week...we will be tagging along for some of I thought I would post this week's Joy Dare posts all save me some time...Hope your summer is filled with sunshine-y goodness and many good family memories...

7/15: 3 Gifts of Stone
1}My heart shaped rock collection...silly, but sweet
2}memories of stones tumbling out of a boy's pockets

3} My favorite stoneware pan

7/16: 3 Gifts Hanging Down
1}Wisteria branches hanging down our pergola providing a lovely shady spot
2} Wind Chime on the pergola...I love the sound of wind chimes
3}Hummingbird feeder on the front porch

7/17: 3 Gifts Learned
1} Don't freak over childish things...they are childish...not bad
2} God is trustworthy...COMPLETELY
3} He cannot forget me...Isaiah 49:14-16

7/18: 3 Gifts Musical
1} My Children
2} A Special Musical Snowglobe
3} My phone

7/19: 3 Gifts Baked...actually TO BE BAKED...we are making most of these for a potluck!
1} Oreo Truffle Brownies
2} White Chocolate Lemon Bread
3} Homemade Cheez-its

7/20: a Gift in Light, Dark, Shadow
1} Light-quiet prayer before heading off to work...thankful it is light and not dark at this hour at this time of the year
2} Dark-a party with good friends
3} Shadow-Playing children's shadows with echos of laughter

7/21: 3 Gifts of Story
1} Stories of my children from their childhoods
2} a GOOD book
3} The true stories/accounts from the Bible

Watching down the lane,

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