Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Home School Grades

Boy, do I have a treat for all you homeschool families...have you been wondering how you are going to store grades and then find them again later? What about creating a transcript...Well, My Home School Grades is going to make all of this SO MUCH EASIER for you...and let me tell you...IT IS SO AFFORDABLE!

First, we received a lifetime membership to My Home School Grades...THANK YOU SO MUCH! I went in and created my was SO EASY...There are tutorials on the home page to watch, which give more details than I found on my own, but you can start up without watching them...I have the Add A Class tutorial for you to watch below.

One beautiful part of this program is that you can either select from a list of popular publishers/curriculum or create your own. I will say that both options are SO NICE...I will say, being created by a homeschool dad and grad makes this program something better for all of us...they know all the hardships we have and made this program to fill the gap. we can also dump FORTUNES down the drain on THIS wonderful thing and THAT wonderful thing...but My Home School Grades WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER...and at $49.99 for a lifetime membership (INCLUDING ALL UPGRADES) FOR ALL YOUR STUDENTS makes this a BARGAIN! Now you can add more books to your wish list instead of record keeping things.

My Homeschool Grades can be used for all age levels. You can add grades as you go along or go back and enter previous years. It is all so easy. Another is NOT destination you can use it on your PC, smartphone, tablet, if that isn't just the coolest thing ever...AND if your computer haven't lost any information!

Now the last part I want to talk about, is one that makes many a homeschool mom doubt her capabilities. This is when we enter the high school years...Creating a TRANSCIPT...I have AGONIZED over this for YEARS...and now it is as simple as anything...

And here is a Sample Transcript

Here are a few pictures from our use of the program:

So select a student, add classes and grades...

here's our partial list of classes...



Now, this is NOT just a transcript program...but that is the part I am so excited about!

I HIGHLY recommend My Home School Grades...and you can try it for free for 14 days to see how WONDERFUL it really is!

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Christephi S said...

Great review! I love the screenshots you added. I am really excited about this program…and what a fantastic price!!!!