Sunday, May 12, 2013

Joy Dare Catch up- May 8-12

8-3 Gifts Inside a Closet

1} My Wedding Dress
2} 2 new shelves my husband cleared and filled for me!
3} Baby Clothes

9- 3 Gifts Found in the Dark

1} Sweet Sleep!
2} VERY beautiful
3} A VERY tired boy who ran his legs off at his brother's softball game

10- A Gift Inside, Outside and Upside Down

1} Inside: Children's excitement selecting JUST THE RIGHT thing for Momma for Mother's day!
2} Outside: SUN...a warm sunny day is not always guaranteed at this time of year
3} Upside Down: A full laundry basket that needs to be folded

11- 3 Gifts About Your Parents

1} Unconditional Love
2} Their generosity
3} Their support

12- 3 Gifts Held in Your Hand Today

1} A lemon cake pop...YUM!
2} Sweet Mother's Day gifts from my children
3} Gyro for Lunch after church with my family!

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Lys Avra said...

this is an adorable blog. I especially like the night ones--I love stars!