Friday, May 3, 2013

3 Gifts Found in Different People

I am so VERY BLESSED to have some of the sweetest women who touch my life...there are SO will be hard to pick only three...but today, the three women I am choosing are precious gifts to me from my Heavenly Father and I am thinking they may need an encouraging word today...

1} My friend Sherri from Co-op...she has the SWEETEST voice and ALWAYS has a good thing to say EVERY TIME you talk to her...I HAVE NEVER heard her complain or say a cross word or even look grumpy...she blesses me greatly and really encourages me to be more like her with her gentle words.

2) Another friend from Co-op...Libby...Libby has just the sweetest servant's heart ever...she is one of the most selfless women I have had the privilege of knowing and blesses all who are around her as she continually keeps giving...She encourages me to look around and see who I can have the opportunity to bless by being more selfless.

3} My friend Lora has walked along a hard road right beside me...encouraging me...loving me...listening to me in the midst of the hardest days I have ever known...She reminds me, through her example, that one day, I will get to be THIS person in someone else's life and help them to remember they have hope in the darkest of days...

Thank you Ladies...

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