Monday, April 29, 2013

Saving Memories Forever

Saving Memories Forever
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Saving Memories Forever is a system for recording, sharing and storing family memories. Using this system, you download an app onto a smart phone to be able to record the memories and then download them onto the website so you can refer back to them and share it with others. Ever wish you had those family stories you have heard so many times but can't recall the EXACT details. Wish you could hear Grandma's voice again? Saving Memories Forever may be the answer to this.

I got notice of this review three days after getting my smartphone...and being that I had issues with my "dumb" phone...I am DEFINITELY NOT techy savvy here and really just going to give the bare bones basics...

The app on the phone is like a traveling microphone and gives a prompt so you have a direction for the conversation to go in...I am currently having a difficult time getting mine to I am not sure if I will be able to capture any screenshots...but you can see it in the How To Video . You do not need to follow the prompt, but it is a place to start if you need it. There are many prompt ideas too. If you do not have a smart phone, you can record directly onto the just have to be in front of the computer. my teenager told me how to do a screenshot...and I got them...Yes, I am THAT bad on this phone...

After you have your conversation recorded, you transfer your recordings from your phone to your account on the website. I had 2 stories on my phone and tried a few times to transfer them and have had some issues...I will need to contact them about this, as I have NO idea what is wrong...told you...not very techy here...After they are up on your account at Saving Memories Forever, you will have an option to share them on Facebook. You can repeat this process over and over as you like.

You can choose to use this service for Free, but there are MANY benefits to upgrading your account to a premium subscription, that you may want to look over this FREE vs. FEE comparison chart that may help you make a more informed decision. The monthly subscription is $3.99 a month...not bad for all the extras you get!

What I thought...well...this just was not the time for me for this item...I do not know enough about my phone...I have no idea why I couldn't get the recordings to upload and I was not really looking to document these kinds of stories at this time. That being said, it was FUN to play around with the phone app and record the children being silly or singing or just even talking...I think I would have been more excited about this item if there was an option for doing something for/with your children...recording them reading their first book, recording them just chatting because they will never be four again, etc...or maybe this would be a very special way to document the family at home while a soldier is away, or a Daddy had to be out of town on business, etc. It is just not for me at this time.

UPDATE: I contacted the company and they responded very QUICKLY with some possible solutions to the problem...I have tried one of them, but not the others yet...I was VERY impressed with the quickness, as well as the THOROUGHNESS of the response...pretty much a STEP BY STEP answer.

Please check out what my team mates had to say about Saving Memories Forever when the link comes up on Friday, May 3...I will post a direct link when it becomes available.

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