Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3 Gifts Found

Oh...there are so many ways this post could go...and, as I am continually trying to find my brains...it's a wonder I have FOUND anything, but we will attempt to be thankful, worshipful and honoring rather than smart...

1} A brief moment with a dear woman at at bookstore...time that could have so easily been missed...but time well spent. This woman is taking care of her precious nine grandchildren and it is not easy, but she so dearly loves them. I think in those few moments, we encouraged each other...I KNOW I walked away with joy in my heart...and I KNOW...that we both could see...that we ARE BLESSED.

2} a VALUABLE coupon that was missing...so thankful to have found that!

3} a new recipe found/created for a treat...we are supposed to bring one to co-op for my principessa's class...and so we are experimenting today...


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